Ha Ha Suckers!

I love being able to see what search terms lead people to this quiet little corner of the intarwebs. One search string was grey goose scrapbooking. Well, to that astute crafter I salute you, and your taste in libations. I’m not sure you found what you were looking for aside from a kindred spirit who is far too humble to post their work. Sorry.

To the searcher who looked for the sunshine sweet tea blog, I hope it was this one you wanted, and I hope there are no other blogs like this one… for the sake of all the internets… But if there are others, hello and thank you. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

There’s another unfortunate string that I know for sure they did NOT come close to what they were seeking. To you, Mr or Mrs grey goose and weed, I hope you have a great time with that combo, try not to overindulge to the point of needing an ambulance, and definitely don’t drive. I’m also quite sorry your searches lead you here, to the space of just a girl, who likes good vodka, and hates to garden. Cheers!

Ironically, I googled that grey goose and weed string myself, and I eventually come up on page damn 11 of google. That is one persistent googler. I don’t know if I should be amused or weirded out.

Maybe sometimes google doesn’t have all the answers after all…