A Suitcase of Memories

Life at home is resuming to mostly normal. I’ve sifted through my luggage and have decided what needs to be washed and what can be just put back away. One of these days I will adhere to the mantra of – “Look at what you want to pack, and then take only half”. I’m pretty sure that’s almost what happened to me, except I took everything, and only wore half. That said, Murphy’s Law would dictate that the one thing I left behind would be the one thing that I needed. Alas, I’m a girl, I pack a lot of things and I’m unapologetic about it.

I promise I won’t spend excessive time raving about how awesome Le Blanc is. And in many ways, no amount of raving would ever give that resort proper justice. It’s truly something that needs to be experienced to be understood. The beach is beautiful, the property is so serene and peaceful, the spa is spectacular (easily my favorite), the food is amazing and so fresh and they are extremely cautious about food safety… You get the idea.. But the biggest thing that sets Le Blanc apart from anywhere I’ve ever been is the stellar service on every single level. You are treated like royalty and family all in one. No request is too great, and if you hint you like something they will go above and beyond and deliver. I’ve now taken 4 trips there and I’d be perfectly happy to only vacation there. I’m definitely not as happy anywhere else, and I can’t help but compare everywhere else to here. It’s truly set the bar.

I’m fortunate to have traveled enough that I’ve already done pretty much every excursion resorts offer, so I don’t tend to venture off the resort much anymore. It was not a trip of wild adventures. It was a trip to relax, recharge, refuel. Mission mostly accomplished. I don’t bring home tacky souvenirs anymore. Many trips ago I would bring home the obligatory sand and cheap bottles of tequila, blankets and maracas (ok, maybe not maracas). I did pick up something equally insane this trip and it still makes me laugh that I did in the first place. I was shopping in the spa and ventured over to the obligatory cellulite cream section and discovered they had weightloss cream and breast firming oil. Now, I quickly dismissed the weightloss cream as not possibly working because really, they’d put the entire diet industry out of business if it were only so easy to just slather up in lotion and watch the pounds melt away. But breast firming oil?! Now we’re really talking! Who needs expensive plastic surgery when you have a $23 bottle of oil?!? You guessed it, I bought it. Low cost risk for potential high reward. Lets be totally fair here people, I needed the weightloss cream more. After buying it, I was standing in the pool with my husband enjoying a peaceful quiet moment when I announced, “I just bought snake oil didn’t I?”. His instant reaction, without hesitation was, “Ya think?!?!?!”. Evidently he’s a non believer. Fool!

My suitcases, now empty of clothes and breast firming oil, are full of so many wonderful memories. Priceless memories. Until the next time we meet again Le Blanc, thanks for the memories.

Rainy Days and Mondays

Here I am, reporting live from my ocean view bed at Le Blanc Spa resort in Cancun Mexico. For some reason vacations have me early to bed and early to rise. At home I’m more than content to stay up to the wee hours and sleep til at least 10. Here seems to be the opposite. I’d like to think it’s because I enjoy being out and in the sun that much.

Today marks day 2 of rain. Yesterday I went shopping to escape the rain. I had high hopes of buying a Louis bag but the prices here are so inflated it’s crazy. Ditto to a white strapped watch with crystals around the face. I tried to buy new Havaiana flip flops and they were out of my size. Needless to say it was a fruitless trip but a good way to pass the time.

I’m happy to report my wet feet have not slipped on the marble floors, and I have not given any additional money to Palace Resorts. In fact, I’ve never left a member update meeting so angry in my life. I may just be a medic and not overly business savvy but there are a few things I know and have learned about negotiations along the way….

1) It’s generally helpful if the vendor knows your contract as well as you do so they aren’t trying to resell you the same things over again.
2) It’s also helpful that if I tell you I have something in my contract, when it’s clear I know it better than you, don’t tell me no I don’t.
3) Pressure sales tactics don’t work on someone who has already bought in to your company.
4) If you promise to make something right, make sure you follow through with your promise whether I invest more or not.
5) Mr. Salesman… EVERYTHING is negotiable if you want the sale bad enough and you enter into the negotiations with a clear intent to make a deal; realizing both parties will need to compromise to complete the transaction.
6) Removing currently enjoyed benefits and replacing them with worthless ones will not get a deal done, unless you’re dealing with a sucker.
7) Knowing your client and understanding their why will get you very very far. At this point the art of the sale is not about you, but about tapping in to your clients needs and satisfying said need. Chances are, if I need a coffee maker but you’d rather sell me an oven, a deal will never be reached.

The storms here have been crazy. I’ve never seen the ocean so rough. We had a huge water leak through the night in our room. I hesitated to tell our butler in fear we’d be moved to a crappier room but there really is a huge puddle in the living area. Someone drowned in the rough waters on Saturday night at the resort next door. To be fair, red flags were flying everywhere along the beach, so it was an unfortunate result of his misadventures. Cue the media uproar.

I’m going to spend my afternoon in the spa and hope for sunny days ahead!