New Challenge!

Hey everyone. I hope you’re all enjoying a great mid-summer weekend!

I spent my Friday scrapping (as evidenced by the posts). Saturday was super busy running errands. It’s kind of my current reality as I’m still not allowed to drive, so Steve drives me around on Saturdays to get things done. It’s usually a pretty welcome escape from my home/physio/home/physio/scrapbook/bake routine. Yesterday though was a bit too much, and resulted with me at home and fankle on ice and a Tylenol 3 to take the edge off the pain. I felt like it was a colossal setback. This morning I woke up feeling infinitely better! We had our fabulous routine Sunday mimosa brunch, pulled pork is cooking away in the crockpot and I’m back up in my scraproom tackling some other layout challenges while watching the first Sex And The City Movie on my laptop. Nice easy Sunday! Just what the doctor ordered (I’m not a doctor).

I’ve mentioned that I’ve gathered quite the stash of crafty stuff over my years of scrapping, and it’s becoming a bit overwhelming. In fact, I probably haven’t done any significant scrapbook shopping in easily a year. Enter Use Your Stuff. They definitely draw up some amazing challenges and I’ve wanted to play along for a while. The best part is, they’re helping me to embrace and use the old that I once loved/had to have/couldn’t part with/will definitely use at some point/saving for a special project/etc. Stop me if you’ve done any of this before. They have 2 active challenges at the moment so I started on the one that is expiring first: #93 – Ad Challenge. An ad is used as a leaping off point to inspire future creations.

Here is the ad:

And here is my subsequent all stash creation:


Patterned paper is all oldschool Stampin’ UP! from the days when we use to have a hostess club that I *had* to have, flower is old Heidi Swapp for Advantus, there’s an epoxy cleary sticker in there from I have no idea what because I tossed the packaging long ago, the tag is 7gypsies, the flair is American Crafts circal 2010, the cardstock lettering (done in Bazzill of course!) is a Kerri Bradford cutfile for the Silhouette, ribbon is from my ribbon stash bin.

The pictures were all taken on one of my last days at Green Valley Ranch Resort in Henderson LV at the end of Inspiration Unlimited last September. It was the perfect way to end the whirlwind trip lounging by their amazing pool – starting with breakfast and on into the afternoon. For me, the ad inspired thoughts of escape – fun – relaxation. So these were the pictures I chose to work with it – a fun event, a great escape, and some much needed relaxation! Thank you to the great crew over at Use Your Stuff for this fun and inspiring challenge. I look forward to playing along with many more!

And in the spirit of scrapbooking stash, I know many of my friends can relate to this video. I sure did!

Have a great week everybody!

Reasons to Rehab

I’m 2 1/2 weeks post injury and I gotta tell you, it’s been really hard. I’m not sure what’s hurting more at this point, my psyche or my ankle. My funk is very much back. I’m hoping that returning to some semblance of normal life will help, but I’m admittedly terrified it wont.

I started physio on Thursday. It’s only one visit, but I really liked the therapist and felt he was very thorough, very understanding of my challenges and limitations and needs for returning to work, and returning to real life. He gave me a bunch of exercises to do at home to help restore strength, mobility, stability and function. That being said, my fears were realized and at the end of the day I was in tremendous pain again. I know it’s a means to an end, but it’s so hard. And the return of such strong pain frustrated the heck out of my psyche.

So – I’m sitting down and writing a list, of reasons to rehab, so that every pain in this process will be so worth it when I can:

  1. Be independent again – most notably, drive (tho the gas savings has been fab!)
  2. Return to yoga (my psyche needs it but my body is so not ready for it yet – and a partial class would do more harm to my fragile psyche)
  3. Learn to make canned peaches with my dear friend in August as planned
  4. Enjoy my “me” days again – that involve driving, walking, nourishing my soul
  5. Tear up the strip in Vegas in September (and Grand Canyon, Fremont St, etc.) I just finalized all my bookings yesterday and I’m VERY excited to return and do some of the things I didn’t get to last year, and repeat some of the things I loved.
  6. Maybe tackle some of the things on the list I wanted to try this summer (standup paddleboarding), and try new things (trampoline fun!) on the urging of my physio (ok ok, he recommended the mini-trampoline, but I think it would be fun to go big and go to one of those bounce zones!)
  7. Yank the weeds from my garden so I can see the flowers hidden below (That may just be a great metaphor for life at times)
  8. Pedicure!! Oh my I so need one but the thought of any sort of massage to the foot right now is terrifying!!

Those 8 reasons are a fantastic start. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to learn how to walk again (yes, really).

Tales From The Crazy Train

All aboard! I’m going off the rails on a crazy train!

So, after starting the blog, I wrapped up a busy week at work and got right into running lots of errands. Fun stuff. For me stuff. Get me out of the house and distract me appropriately kind of stuff. I was running on little sleep and admittedly was stressed and grumpy. Clearly not the best of conditions to blog under. I’d have everyone thinking I was some spoiled emo brat grumpasaurus which is not my norm. I’d like to think I keep to my own and live a relatively peaceful life. I digress….

Last night I was leaving my last errand of picking up a still under warranty cable for my MacBook when I got some amazing news. The arbitrator has awarded us a contract. We had been working for over 2 years without one so it was good to see it finally come to an end. For the record, I will seldom, if ever post about work. I have a mortgage I need to pay and I won’t jeopardize my job by posting things on the intarwebs about it. This makes twice that our contract has been awarded while I was off on vacation. I’ll call it an omen that I need to vacation a lot whenever we enter into contract negotiations – for the benefit of my co-workers of course. End of work discussion! I’m on vacation.

Today I have been out doing all sorts of fun errands with extra gusto! I’m currently relaxing in the chair at the hairdressers. I’ll be off from here to a mani/pedi. I’m such a girlie girl and can’t help it. I love to be spoiled. And now instead of looking like the spoiled emo brat grumpasaurus I probably look like a wee bit of a diva princess. I guess there’s worse things to be. Let the vacation times roll on…