May Mash-Up!

May brought a mixed bag of events.

It started out on a fabulous note! Everything came together perfectly that I was able to get to High Park again when the trees were in peak bloom on a gorgeous sunny day! I had an amazing afternoon enjoying the blooms from a blanket on the hill, snapping several pictures, enjoying the sun, sipping a delicious cider. There was just enough of a gentle breeze to make the petals fall so delicately like snow in the air. Simply magical. It was a great escape from reality, if only for a few hours. I went mid-week and it was super busy, I can only imagine what the weekends are like. I’m thankful that I won’t find out! One of these years I’ll make it to Japan or DC for some larger cherry blossom festivals, but for now, I’m thankful I can view them locally.

Unfortunately, a little over a week later brought an unfortunate event. I was involved in a wee accident when someone decided to change lanes into my poor car. Thankfully it was at a relatively low speed, and the damage in the beginning appeared minimal, and neither of us were badly hurt. I had a few lingering muscle aches and pains and bruises that went away after about a week. I’m also super thankful for an amazing insurance company who handled it all so well. I know, not often people say good things about an insurance company but CUMIS was top notch.
My poor barely 1 year old baby Jetta. The damage came in at $3200. Oy.
I may be skipping ahead, but I’m happy to report that my Jetta is back from the car hospital after spending 2 weeks there, and we are very happily reunited and she is fully healed.

A week after the accident, I was cottage bound to spend a weekend with family. It was good to connect, reconnect and wish my dear cousin well as she enters a new and exciting phase in her life.
I got to see a really pretty full moon over the water while I was there. Also, while I was there I revealed to mom I had a blog. I figured it was time to come out of the blogging closet to her. So, Hi Mom!

Sakura Hanami

I have a bucket list dream to travel to Japan one spring for Sakura Hanami. We also have cherry blossoms in Toronto in High Park that were donated by the Japanese after World War II. I’ve often meant to see the blooms in Toronto, but they have a very narrow window for peak blooms, roughly one week. Most years when I’ve been able to go, the weather has been less than co-operative. With our mild spring this year the blossoms were early, and one sunny Monday in April I found myself already in Toronto during peak bloom.  I am so glad I managed to finally take it all in, with SLR in tow. I was in a great headspace that day, and  that just added to my bliss. It was a bit of a metaphor for my own life. No matter how stormy the winter, the blooms signify new hope, new beginnings, new promise, new life. If you don’t take that chance to slow down, and take in all that life has to offer, it just may pass you by, and the opportunity is gone – temporarily.