Cuteness Overload!

Over the last week or two I’ve had a website constantly running in one of my browser tabs, and I’ve also kept my sound on my laptop which is a total rarity for me. I have discovered a super cute site I’ve affectionately called the “Kitten Cam“. Before you click on the link, I offer a warning that the kitten cam is unbelievably cute, and you may find yourself smiling and giggling and spending a lot of time watching some zany lil cuties.

A gentleman in Washington state fosters with a kitten shelter and has set up a pen for a momma cat, Miranda, and 4 of her kittens that were born March 16th. I’ve loved listening to the sweet purrs and mews, the crazy play, the peaceful sleep – as well as watching the kittens grow so fast and become so brave and independent, and Miranda has been stepping out of momma role, and showing her zany playful cat side.

The lil guys are absolutely adorable, and are definitely taking the edge off me wanting to experience the kitten phase again (for now). Matisse will be 10 this August and we got her at 8 weeks old. They were sweet fun times! The foster, John, expects these kittens and momma will likely be adopted as of next weekend, but as long as there are kittens to be fostered, he has said he will continue to foster, and there will be more kitten cams to come. This batch on cam is his 31st foster bunch! 31!!! I can’t wait to watch another batch grow up! I’m so grateful he gives so much time and energy to these needy kittens, as well as the bandwidth for Kitten Cam for my enjoyment.