All The Cool Kids are Doing It…

On Wednesday my Feedly was filled with scrappers sharing their top 10 or 14 fav layouts of the year that passed. I never thought I’d be more of a “scrappy blogger” than an “every day life blogger”. However, 43 posted layouts would say otherwise. Yes, 43 posted layouts! I never in a million thought I’d be capable of coming close to a layout a week, but I have as those are just the ones I’ve photo’d and posted. I know there are more I haven’t photo’d and posted. Wow. I feel like this year I really started to find my scrappy “voice”. I’ve embraced my clean and simple style. I’ve embraced my love of sequins, mists and ribbon. I’m actually fine with being linear! One of the most linear scrappers I know has built herself one heck of an empire – I see you Becky Higgins! Long before she was rocking Project Life, she was the sketch Queen. Guess who else is clean, simple, linear and graphically beautiful? Ali Edwards. This I know for sure, most of my favourite layouts are based on sketches. Anyways, I wasn’t going to do this, but figured it would be a good look back. 2014 was actually a big year for me (scrapbooking wise). I’d never had the confidence in my work before to apply to a DT. I’d barely had enough confidence to post my work to the challenge sites. I’ve become more selective about where my submissions go. Also, I’ve taken a lot more care about getting cleaner pictures of my layouts because I’ve already put the work into making them look nice, and the pictures should do them justice.

So, in no particular order, here are my 14 fav layouts of 2014. (Including some of the poorly photographed ones…)


SM Oct17


Dolphin Swim

Tiiu July 18 SM



Our Vacation

ScrapMuch DT 1

Fall Fun 2

Route 66

Scrapmuch July 4

ScrapMuch October 3



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