With Thanks

First and foremost, thank you to all my friends and visitors for all the support in the Let’s Get Sketchy Cover Girl search. I was not selected and I’m ok with that. There were a lot of great layouts submitted, and congratulations to the winner (it has not been announced yet who/what layout won). I’m genuinely thankful for the opportunity to participate, and am proud that I went out on a limb and tried anyway. That was a huge bold step for me and who knows what the future holds. This I know for sure, I am better off for having made the attempt in the first place.

In all my scrappings this week I created a layout to go with the Let’s Get Sketchy January Week 2 sketch. I don’t love my take on it, but I got to scrap some pictures I wasn’t sure how I was going to, and I got to use some fun papers I thought I’d never have the chance to use on a layout. So, here is the sketch, and my take:


It’s far too busy for my liking, and I have no idea why my cam decided to make this worse in pic than in person. Anyways, go, play along, link up, lather rinse repeat!

That’s it for this girl for one night, both blogging and scrapping. I was at a crop today and I’m not sure I could glue another piece of paper if I tried right now. And we won’t even discuss my atrocious sleepy typing skills. Buenos noches amigos!

16 thoughts on “With Thanks

  1. Your layout is great! I love what you did with the sketch! We are so glad you tried out for the Cover Girl search. It stinks that there can only be one winner. But be sure to enter it in for the magazine! Thanks so much for joining us at Let’s Get Sketchy!

  2. Super cute page—loving those circles! Sometimes we can get discouraged, but never give up! I tell myself that all the time too ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for joining us this week at Let’s Get Sketchy!

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