Back to Work

Well, you can really tell that I’m on the mend, not scrapbooking as much, and back to work by my blog silence.

I opted to not do the Ali Edwards week in the life because I was too busy trying to adjust to my first week back to work, fitting in physio, and prepping for Inspiration Unlimited in Vegas. The concept of needing to document and photograph all of that was just extra work I couldn’t deal with.

Then I was off for 10 AMAZING days in Las Vegas – some touristing, some relaxing, some crafting, some reconnecting with friends, some sickness too unfortunately 😦

Now, in the waning hours of my vacation I’m slowly easing my way back into real life. Jet lag and sickness really took away a lot of my first days back home. I got one layout done on Friday and finished assembling some Inspiration Unlimited projects. I tried to put away my Inspiration Unlimited loot and realized I was out of clips for my clip it up and in need of better washi tape storage. Saturday brought a trip to Michael’s and thankfully all scrapbook storage was 40% off! Score! Until I got it all home and realized I had more washi tape than I bought dispensers for. Not score. Guess I’ll be going back for more during the week. I’m very finicky about my craft space and when it gets chaotic it gets very hard to work and create for me. I also very much need my supplies front and centre because out of sight is very much out of mind for me – and thus the stash grows easily.

That being said, I hope to get back on the blog bandwagon this week and get some photos and tales of my Las Vegas adventures posted. I’m also cropping this weekend so I should get more of the projects done and I can post and share those as well. It was an absolutely fantastic trip and an incredible event. I’m already crazy excited for next year! It’s only 360 days away!!

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