Day In The Life

Later this week I’ll be joining Ali Edwards in her Day In The Life for July. It’s on Wednesday the 31st if you are wanting to play along with Ali (and I!). It’s a non-physio day for me and I’ll be using it as a bit of a tool to remember what has dominated my summer so far (the fankle), and hopefully find something positive to reflect on and remember.

Looking ahead – Ali has also scheduled her Week In The Life this year for September 9-15th. I had the pleasure of doing one of these albums with Ali at CKU Nashville in August of 2007. It was a really ambitious project, and I often wondered if my day to day life was worthy of a full week and full album of documentation. Now that years have passed, I’ve really enjoyed looking back at that week, and what my week was like at the time and it will be fun to have a similar week 6 years later. Adding to the fun, that week ends when I travel to Las Vegas for Inspiration Unlimited 2013 – so it will be fun to be documenting the early days of that trip! 🙂

I’d love to know if any of you will be playing along with Ali and I on our Day and Week in the Life!

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