Two Peas In A Bucket

I’ve apparently been a member of Two Peas In A Bucket for almost 7 years. For the benefit of my non-scrapbooking readers, 2Peas is a scrapbooking site with a very active message board, galleries to share work, an online store to shop, online classes, etc. I joined for the message board after lurking for a while. When I went to CKU Nashville in the summer of 2007 I even went to a 2Peas dinner organized by a fellow “pea”. Time passed and I had a bit of a personal falling out with 2Peas. I found it got really catty and negative for a while and it wasn’t a place I enjoyed going to anymore. I also *never* posted my work because I really didn’t think it was anywhere near as good or inspiring as what everyone else was doing.

Recently I started going back and mostly lurking, and commenting on occasion. It was good to keep up with industry trends as I don’t have the benefit of in store shopping like I used to have back in the day. So many of my favourite stores have closed up shop, some have gone online only, some only offer a very limited selection, and some are just too far to travel to with any regularity. Needless to say, keeping current hasn’t been easy. It also hasn’t been overly necessary given the size of my stash (a post is in the works about my space thanks to some 2Peas inspiration of late).

This week was CHA Summer week – the week when all the manufacturers showcase what they’ll be releasing for the next 6 months. 2Peas was hosting a social event to celebrate, as well as several other challenges to earn “badges” or other product prizes. Since I was home I was able to take part; and I still have a few challenges left to complete. I’m also super excited to report I won one of the message board challenges! So fun!

Here’s the link to the 10 layout challenges: And, for the first time in my 6 year history on 2Peas, I’ve posted some layouts. Here’s what I’ve done for some of the challenges so far (and you could combine challenges so I have for 2 of the layouts so far):


5 thoughts on “Two Peas In A Bucket

  1. Nice job on all of your layouts! Interesting post. I love 2 Peas videos, and I do add my layouts and get a few nice comments. But I haven’t participated in the forums. I hear they are a tight group for the most part. Anyhoo, good for you! Your work is lovely!

    • 2peas can be cliquey, mostly in the NSBR, I admit. Which is why I took a breather from there – but I love the videos and do find the gallery to be very inspiring (and intimidating at times). Thank you for your kind words 🙂

  2. Awesome pages! Congrats on the win. Your stuff is amazing you should always post it. You never know who is struggling and you could inspire.

  3. Wow girlfriend!! You’ve been so productive! I love seeing what you created and how you’ve been inspired! I’m so honoured that you chose a pic of me:) Love it!! Thanks for sharing!

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