Scrap Happy News

Now I can share!

Earlier this month I found out I was selected to be a guest designer for ScrapMuch? for one of their weekly sketch challenges this month.  I am beyond flattered to be selected. In truth, it’s only recently that I’ve been willing to post any of my work online – so to be selected as someone who can create something inspiring.. wow.. FLOORED.

So, shortly after I got the news, Laura gave me my sketch assignment. Commence freaking out! It was a lot more detailed than I’d ever normally do, but it’s good to push my comfort envelope. And then it’s going on display! YIKES! Yes, I was freaking out. A lot!.

So here is the sketch:


And my take on the sketch:


Not going to lie – I was so proud and excited I actually allowed my spending freeze to go on a brief hiatus and purchase a current line of paper and embellies from ScrapMuch? for this project. I did use a few wee items from my stash to complete it, but the bulk of it is from the super fun Fancy Pants Trendsetter line.

The pic in the layout was a bit of a happy accident! I was snapping pics around the resort at sunset on New Year’s Eve, and I happened to catch a couple in a romantic embrace on the pier. I love everything about the picture and it brings back so many memories of an incredible week spent ringing in the new year on Isla Mujeres Mexico at Isla Mujeres Palace.

Thank you so much ScrapMuch?! I am sooooooo flattered!

3 thoughts on “Scrap Happy News

  1. Tiiu. You’re blog is always an interesting read. (I think you were destined to be a crafter and writer…lol) Your creations are always stunning. Thanks for being our guest designer. You rocked it!! Elaine

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