A Setback

The last week of June had me thinking ahead to the next months of summer. I had a blank slate and tons of ideas and plans. I wanted  needed to get back to yoga. I was stressed beyond belief, not sleeping, in tears at work, looking at a calendar and my time bank wondering when would be a good time to take a lil breather. I wanted to take some stand up paddleboarding lessons with the thought of if I liked it I’d give stand up paddleboard yoga a try, and possibly even buy my own board next summer.

Life had other ideas for me.

So.. There's this. I need a better reason to put my feet... on Twitpic

The kind, young, attractive ER Resident delivered the news: “avulsion fracture of….” I have no idea what specific bone because I honestly tuned out the rest of his words. I know what avulsion means and that just grossed me out to no end. Wikipedia explains it if you’re really that curious.

I’ve been home on rest, not driving (as per family doctor and ortho because it’s my clutch foot), about to start physio that I know is going to hurt.. And yes, moping that all my summer plans are on hold until I’m healed. I’m doing my best to be a good patient because I need to be healed and good to go for long walks on the strip in Vegas in September! Call it my “dangling carrot” if you will!

And because I gotta be me..
Yes, das boot did just get a little cuter..  on Twitpic
I had to cute-ify the boot 🙂 Boring grey just wasn’t for me.

I’m not going to lie, one of my first thoughts after diagnosis was that I just got a pass out of having to mow my damn hill for the next little bit, and license to hire a lawn service guilt free… 😉

I’m on the mend, my pain is easing and almost gone, it’s time for me to leave the pity party of what I won’t be able to do this summer.

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