Beantown, Boston Strong and BBQ

In April we made our yearly road trip to the Boston area for the NFL Draft. The trip was almost in jeopardy as the draft was a little over a week after the bombings at the marathon. I wasn’t concerned about our safety in the slightest, but I didn’t want to travel to a city that was on lockdown. In the end we went, and I did go down to Copley Square because it was history.
The square was quite busy and remarkably quiet, and the memorials were mounting in so many forms: running shoes, local t-shirts, teddy bears, flowers, crosses, marathon volunteer bibs, etc. There were boards to sign and I signed 2 of them, but even then it was difficult to find some free space to write.

The Patriots official draft party this year at Gillette wasn’t as good as past years – maybe because I knew we were trading out of the first round. But, the activities were pretty much the same as last year, and the player appearances were very structured, and nobody I was willing to wait in a super long line to meet either. I think I would have been better off at Vince Wilfork’s event because it’s more casual, more players go, and it supports a good cause.
Mr. Kraft presenting members of the Boston PD with New England 1 jerseys as a thank you gesture for their efforts over the last week and a half.
The Patriots manifesto, and part of what makes them so good, year after year.

Other highlights of the trip include indulging in SO. MUCH. LOBSTER. and sampling so many fantastic US craft beers that we simply can’t get here. One of our mandatory stops is dinner at Legal Seafoods, and I always get the lobster wrap, and this year I sampled their oysters too. In recent history I’ve grown to LOVE oysters!

On the way home we made one last mandatory stop, to Dinosaur BBQ in Syracuse NY. We stumbled on Dinosaur a few years ago on our way home from one of our Boston road trips. We were well on our way home, and starving, and I didn’t want to grab roadside fast food, so I loaded up Yelp and found Dinosaur, and it came very highly recommended. On first glimpse I was a bit concerned as it was a total biker hangout, but it was totally worth the risk. I actually like their BBQ better than Jacks in Nashville (and Jack’s is awesome!!). Dinosaur has gotten so popular that last year the wait was super long to get in and we decided to just carry on. This year we were prepared for the wait and waited an hour for a table, and I’m so glad we did!
Carolina style pulled pork on a bun with a side of ribs. So good!

I’m so glad we made our trip to Boston. It’s a city I love to visit, and could probably live there if I was actually allowed to. The people of New England are simply great people, down to earth, hard working, friendly. I was more than happy to support the relief efforts when I bought my Adidas fundraiser shirt, and I wear it quite proudly. Worth every penny of $26.20!

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