Almost 5 Months

What a bizarre unplanned hiatus this has been. I’m alive and kicking. I’ve been traveling the world, enjoying some delightful moments, getting through this thing called life. I feel like this time has just flown by.  Some of the break was intentional as I was keenly cautious about what I was putting out in the online virtual world. What a double edged sword this virtual world can be – a great tool to keep “connected” and yet filled with such an evil underbelly on occasion. Other times I’d want to sit down and blog and feel like I was “so behind” that I had no idea where to begin.

So how do we get to tonight? Simple. I’ve been a little extra contemplative these last few days about life, about the ending of the Mayan calendar, the dawning of another new year, and a looming birthday.  So I thought to myself, “Self. You should really blog about these things, because you did buy that blog for a reason didn’t you?”.  So over the next little bit, when I’m avoiding Christmas shopping, wrapping presents, making holiday dinners, visiting with family, trying to see friends, and preparing to take off on another grand adventure – for what I’m hoping are 2 peaceful weeks of some much needed downtime. So I’m hoping to spam this blog with some thoughts, some pictures, some creations and remember what it was like to fearlessly share tidbits of me 😉

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