The Little Bliss List

”BlissThanks to my good friend Joy for posting her Bliss list of the week. It gave me good inspiration to come back to blogging, and thinking about some things, even the little things, that I am grateful for this week.

So, without futher adieu, my bliss list for this week:

  1. Finally having the chutzpah to clean up my craft room after the great Christmas card disaster hit it.
  2. Creating a small item for me that I’d been meaning to do for a very long time.
  3. Spending time every day this week in bed with Tom Brady. What on earth am I going to do next week?!
  4. Coffee. Yummy yummy coffee.
  5. Finding out the sports bar we used to watch SuperBowl at is back to their old party that we used to enjoy, and booking a reservation to go back.
  6. Having this list to think of, rather than the challenges that keep surfacing at every turn.
  7. Snuggles on the couch with my geriatric cat. Every day with her is a special gift I treasure.
  8. The mildest winter ever! I was out yesterday in just a sweater, and it was AMAZING! In February!
  9. Good times, with good friends.

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