Me, Right Now…

Me, Right Now...

…but a lot less cool than this…

While this is our mildest winter I can ever remember, this is the worst case of Seasonal Affective Disorder I’ve ever endured. I got nothin’. No creativity. No chutzpah. I’m just doing my best to get by and hope for better days ahead.

It seems I’m not alone. I’ve read countless blogs and tweets by people who are in their own lil funks. I’m contemplating trying Light Therapy at Elmwood Spa to see if that would help, but that would mean getting out of my jammies, off the couch, and out of the house. A pickle indeed.

2 thoughts on “Me, Right Now…

  1. The winter blahs, suck. I know a couple of people that are affected by this, one does light therapy and says it works for her. I have also heard the vitamin B can sometimes be effective. Better days are ahead.

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