Perfectly Imperfect

As seen on the mirror in the bathroom at a medi-spa/plastic surgery clinic

Oh the irony.

In my mini-blog hiatus (unintentional, I’ve just been busy and tired) I’ve had both a consult and appointment at a medi-spa/plastic surgery clinic. For the record, I’m there for medi-spa purposes, for now. The office waiting areas, decor, etc. are filled with all sorts of advertising and swag promoting all the ways they can help make you beautiful – microdermabrasion, anti-aging, chemical peel, sclerotherapy, botox, fillers; it’s truly unending. And thus the double-edged sword. The results of many of these therapies can be so rewarding. But, at what point in the never-ending quest for beauty do we just become happy and at peace with what we have and realize that we are all beautiful in our own special way? I know it sounds totally hypocritical of me to say that when I’m there “beautifying” in the first place, but its no more so than that post-it being in an office that makes a profit from people wanting to be “more beautiful”.

My esthetician and I spoke about how so many magazines geared to women just make you feel worse about yourself – the twiggy models all airbrushed to perfection, filled with products that promise to make you more beautiful, and high end clothes/shoes/purses that most normal people just don’t have the bankroll for. Is it any wonder why so many women, myself included, live in such a state of perceived dysmorphia? The killer? She is absolutely beautiful and has absolutely nothing to feel bad about. I have my flaws. I’m so far from perfect it isn’t funny. If I had an unlimited budget I’m sure I could fund the plastic surgeon’s kids and grandkids through a Harvard education with everything I’d like done. Perhaps not that excessive, but more than I’d like to admit to being so shallow and vain. I can easily tell anyone to rock what they were born with and embrace their own uniqueness that makes them special. I suck at taking my own advice.

In my opinion there is a very fine, yet distinct, line that exists between enhancing the natural, and being something you’re not. Somewhere in the middle lies just being happy in your own skin, no matter how that happens. And there is nothing wrong with that. This is me right now, perfectly imperfect, embracing some little things along the way that help make me feel happy and beautiful in my own skin.

2 thoughts on “Perfectly Imperfect

  1. What a fabulous note! I think I shall write one for my mirror.
    I would be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about some enhancements for myself….nothing crazy. I agree with what you said “there is a very fine, yet distinct, line that exists between enhancing the natural, and being something you’re not.”

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