What Have I Done?!

One of my supervisors at work has been running some really cool contests on her blog.  She posts a very vague picture of somewhere in Hamilton, and then gives clues until someone guesses the location, and of course gives away awesome prizes to the winner to boot.  The first post prize was for a Starbucks gift card, the one I should have won. The most recent post prize was for a month of boot camp generously sponsored by the multi-winner FreeStyle Fitness. He’s one smart cookie when it comes to the city of Hamilton.  I’ve been admittedly quite clueless on the first 3 locations, because they’re all places I either don’t visit (the dry-cleaners), or I try to avoid at all costs (old police station, general hospital). The most recent was taken at one of the not-so-hidden gems, Bonanza. Think amazing fresh-baked buns, a hot table at lunch, and grab and go sandwiches you couldn’t possibly make for as inexpensive as they are. Needless to say, when I worked downtown it was a relatively frequent stop.

So, Saturday night, after having some Bailey’s with my after dinner decaf I pieced all the clues together and went bananas submitting my solution to the puzzle. My competitive nature took over and I just had to win. I wasn’t even thinking of the prize at the end, bragging rights for finally getting one right was good enough for me. When all was said and done there was a moment of “what on earth was I thinking”, and I began to hope that Matthew (@FreeStyleFIT) was up to his usual Hamilton prowess and submitted the right answer before me, and then I realized he couldn’t win his own prize anyway. So then I began to hope I was dead wrong. Apparently I was right, and the first one to be right.

Much thanks to Liz and Matthew for the contest and prize. It has been fun playing along! I have to be honest, I’m pretty darn terrified. I have no idea what to expect. I’m sure a lil kick in the pants is never bad. I hope to escape alive. It’s super nice of him to donate the prize, I just hope that’s not where his kindness ends! 😉 And of course I’ll blog about my adventures in boot camp! I wonder if I should wear camo? Is it appropriate to go to Bonanza for a gargantuan sammie after boot camp?

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