Creative Escape Projects

After spending much time on Pinterest, and reading several crafty and baking blogs as a result, I was really appreciating the visual goodness “eye candy” if you will on some of these blogs. I’ll be the first to say I don’t think my crafty stuff is all that good, which is why I seldom (read: never) post it anywhere, it seldom leaves the confines of my crafty room. So, call this a leap of faith if you will, or maybe someone will enjoy the visuals beyond just text to page.

Ali Edwards – 5 Moments Worth Remembering

In classic Ali Edwards style, we created a mini-album that focuses on pictures and words, highlighting 5 moments worth remembering. The journaling is hidden beneath the patterned papers, and in my case some parts highly personal. I managed to do it on the plane ride home with minimal tears, but there were some.

The project played with some gesso, some clear embossing (yes, I safely used a heat gun and didn’t damage anything in the process), some beeswax and other melted wax, some old sewing patterns and was bound with the Cinch.

Amy Totty – You Are Worth Remembering

Amy Totty designed a fabulous chipboard album cover working with tea-dyed Michael Miller fabrics (GORGEOUS)! I loved that I could play with fabrics and not sew, this is something I’d definitely duplicate as it’s quite easy, but looks and feels amazing – and I’m a mini-book addict so it all just works.  I haven’t done the innard pages yet as I’m still not sure what I’m going to do with them, but I L-O-V-E how the cover and flowers all turned out.

Jenaye and Kelli Collins

The fabric for this class was donated by Heather Bailey, a former CE instructor. For the 2 previous Creative Escapes, the work of Jenaye and Kelli Collins was always on display and for sale at Scrapbooks, Etc. I loved how it looked, but again, fabric, and I don’t sew – or perhaps more appropriately, at the time I didn’t sew.  Well, I got to create some of their creations and I absolutely love them. There’s something so amazing about doing something new that you never thought you’d be able to do, even if at the core it’s a simple crafty project. I have to say, this mother/daughter duo was great! They are super fun people, great instructors, and so darn talented! And for those not in the know, Scrapbooks, Etc. is the scrapbook store owned and operated by the Bazzill family. It’s definitely one of the best scrapbook stores I’ve ever been to in terms of size, variety of products, inspiring classes and service – everyone that works there is just so nice! If you are ever in Mesa AZ, and a scrapbooker, that store is a must!

Yes, I sewed each and every one of those little pretties!!!

Heidi Lynn Schreiber – You Are Totally Welcome

Heidi Lynn is the daughter of “Mr. and Mrs. Bazzill”, so scrapbooking is totally within her blood. The sign we made is a class she teaches at Scrapbooks, Etc. as well as at past Creative Escapes as an extra add-on class.  In retrospect I probably should have modified this project to be a little more “me” based on a suggestion from my friend “Margarita Margie”.  But, when it comes to classes I’m pretty finicky that I want my project to look just like the sample.  My friend Suzy has been trying to gently break me of that habit, and I followed her advice on another project that I finished at home.  Anyways, the long and short of it is we made a welcome sign that could be framed and hung in your entry way, or on your front door as it was spray sealed to protect it, if you were so inclined.

Janet Hopkins – Inspire Me To Create

Janet Hopkins, possibly best known for her work with House of 3, a collaboration with Heidi Swapp and Rhonna Farrer of hybrid scrapbooking goodness. She spoke at the beginning of her class about how important it is to create something daily. I’m not sure I’m at the point where I could make that kind of time in my life, but I can say that I have been more crafty, and it’s been inspiring me to be more creative. She’s right. You can’t rely on others to inspire you, it has to come from within, and that just comes from being your own special kind of crafty!  I absolutely love the shadow box we created using a lot of Pink Paislee products. I did give it a bit of my own touches. This isn’t 100% like the sample, and that’s ok.  I can’t wait to put the hardware on it to hang it – yes the hardware that is in the corner next to the dress form in the pic (so I don’t lose it).

Karen Burniston – Creative Escape

Every year one instructor gets the task of developing a class for a Creative Escape mini album. This year it was Karen Burniston. This class was amazing. I loved playing with one of her pop-up die cutouts. I also loved playing with clear acrylic and have made a few of these clear minis before. I also have to say the instructions in class were the most clear that I’ve ever seen at any Creative Escape, which was great working with some intricate pieces. That said, when I got it home I missed a few vital steps and bollocks it completely up. And working with my ATG gun, there wasn’t a hope in heck I could fix what I’d already glued. In any event, the album is complete save for pictures.

Right page is a cute photo spinner. Love pages that are interactive like that. The jeweled die cut page slides in and out of the pocket created by the spinner.

I have no pics of the Vicki Boutin project because I a) didn’t love the layouts, b) already knew how to mask and use glimmer mist and resist techniques, c) I needed to figure out a way to get the Janet Hopkins project home safely because it’s quite big and delicate, d) I wasn’t feeling well from my spider and mosquito bites as well as a newly developing headcold, e) I wanted to shop at the on site store to get some stuff that is hard to get here at home. So I took that class off and may or may not ever finish those layouts.  Truth be told it happens every year that there is one project that simply is not to my style and never really gets completed.  I’m ok with it.  It’s an otherwise great event with a lot of great projects.

One thought on “Creative Escape Projects

  1. These are really cool. I especially love the album cover, shadow box &
    hand sewn flowers. I have always wanted to go to one of the CKU/CE events, never seems to be a convenient time. Neither exist anymore. Crap!
    Thanks for sharing your creations & they certainly qualify as eye candy.
    You should share more often. Please!

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