Holding Pattern

Well, I certainly didn’t mean to abandon here as long as I did, there just wasn’t much going on beyond the usual everyday routines.  I mentioned a few posts ago the suggestion of “Project Me”.  Well, while it was a delightful idea in theory, in practice it’s a bit on hold.

A few months back on a road trip I got the notion that it might be a good idea to contact a life coach for a bunch of various reasons. Sometimes fresh perspectives on all life things are very good things. And, I’m told it’s common for high level business executives to have one as well. While I hold no delusions of being a high level business exec, I figured it couldn’t hurt to look into it anyway. By way of twitter, I knew of one who hosted group sessions over wine, which I thought would be a good place to start. Unfortunately those are being restructured and on hold, but I did have one private session with her one afternoon via Skype.

On the whole, the experience was very good, very thought provoking, and it definitely gave me a new perspective on things I hadn’t considered before. She didn’t advise me to avoid bears however, and I’ve been told that all life coaches should tell you that at a minimum.  I will have to let her know if she ever asks me for my feedback.  All joking aside, she is wonderful and we had a fantastic rapport. She emailed me a great action plan list, that I plan to tackle, in good time.  I will probably schedule more sessions with her once I start the process because she is that awesome. Sometimes changes need to happen gradually, in the fullness of time, and need other pieces to fall into place first.

One thought on “Holding Pattern

  1. I think we all could use a life coach…new views on life & new ways to approach things is totally needed. I also think avoiding bears is a good thing.
    Good luck with your plan and all good things come in time & a little hard work. 🙂

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