Up In The Air

I have to say, blogging from 35,000 feet in the air is a new experience for me. I hesitated on posting about our travels while away but figured I’d go with it. After all, my house is under guard by an attack mother in law. It may or may not be true, but that’s not something I’d willingly risk finding out. I also have two gluttonous bosses who would viciously demand feeding, so unless you want to slave to them too I’d really recommend avoiding my house altogether.

I’m currently en route to what I affectionately know as my second home, Le Blanc Spa resort in Cancun Mexico. I know that while I’m there I will have every single whim catered to and I will be completely spoiled in every single way. It’s a very special place that I feel no words could ever give it proper justice. It has an amazing serene vibe, there is amazing aromatherapy scents accompanied by soft relaxing music throughout the building, and everything is so comfortable classy and not stuffy at all. This is my 4th trip there and there are times where I find it hard to imagine vacationing anywhere else. I will be pad blogging on the fly so feel free to live vicariously through me.

A hot topic lately seems to be the question of the safety of traveling to Mexico. Well, most of the violence is in the border towns, not the resort towns. Some tourist areas have their issues, but I keep up with the goings on well enough to know which ones to avoid, ie. Acapulco. I’d also like to consider myself a pretty savvy traveler and I’m mindful to not let my guard down and I don’t take risks abroad that I wouldn’t take at home. There are parts of Toronto you just don’t go to alone in the dead of night. The same applies to any other city I visit. If it looks remotely sketchy or unsafe, don’t go there. Have tourists been killed, yes. But there are thousands more that safely travel back and forth. That’s pretty good odds if you ask me. Also, there is often a back story to the killings that the media tends to gloss over because that makes for less sensational journalism. Me, my biggest risk is another mishap involving wet feet and a marble floor or in the heat of the moment agreeing to upgrade my membership even further with Palace Resorts.

As for getting there this has to be one of the best flights I’ve taken in a long time. Much kudos to Delta for on time, good service, comfortable seats and honoring the ticket I booked. Breakfast was simple and not anything to write home about, but so far Air Canada has set a pretty high standard that I’m not sure anything could compare. Last year on a brief trip to Chicago to run the Soldier Field 10 mile run, my Air Canada breakfast was a delightful Belgian waffle with warm apple compote and sausage and a soft warm cinnamon bun on the side. My last trip I traveled with Continental and it wax marred with mishaps that cost Continental/United me as a customer for life. So in my final act of screw you to Continental, when I got home from my last vacation I promptly booked my next flights with Delta – not even within the Star Alliance. That story is best saved for another time…

As for now – let the good times roll and Viva Mexico! YES MORE TEQUILA!!

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