Tales From The Crazy Train

All aboard! I’m going off the rails on a crazy train!

So, after starting the blog, I wrapped up a busy week at work and got right into running lots of errands. Fun stuff. For me stuff. Get me out of the house and distract me appropriately kind of stuff. I was running on little sleep and admittedly was stressed and grumpy. Clearly not the best of conditions to blog under. I’d have everyone thinking I was some spoiled emo brat grumpasaurus which is not my norm. I’d like to think I keep to my own and live a relatively peaceful life. I digress….

Last night I was leaving my last errand of picking up a still under warranty cable for my MacBook when I got some amazing news. The arbitrator has awarded us a contract. We had been working for over 2 years without one so it was good to see it finally come to an end. For the record, I will seldom, if ever post about work. I have a mortgage I need to pay and I won’t jeopardize my job by posting things on the intarwebs about it. This makes twice that our contract has been awarded while I was off on vacation. I’ll call it an omen that I need to vacation a lot whenever we enter into contract negotiations – for the benefit of my co-workers of course. End of work discussion! I’m on vacation.

Today I have been out doing all sorts of fun errands with extra gusto! I’m currently relaxing in the chair at the hairdressers. I’ll be off from here to a mani/pedi. I’m such a girlie girl and can’t help it. I love to be spoiled. And now instead of looking like the spoiled emo brat grumpasaurus I probably look like a wee bit of a diva princess. I guess there’s worse things to be. Let the vacation times roll on…

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