Hello Old Friend

So I last blogged June of 2009. Wow.

Since then – I listed and sold my house, bought a new house, went to Creative Escape in August of 09, went to another Wolverines vs. Irish game at the Big House in September 09, went to Puerto Vallarta in October 09, moved into the new house in November of 09, went Black Friday shopping in Michigan in November 09 (and took Mom!), Steve got laid off December 23 2009, went back to Le Blanc Spa in December of 09, I ran my first 10k in May 2010, Steve started a new job back in downtown Toronto in the last week of May 2009, I ran my first 10 miler in Chicago in May 2010 – ending on the 50 yard line of Soldier Field, ran another 10k on July 4th in Foxboro – ending on the 50 yard line of Gillette Stadium, spent a weekend at Patriots Training Camp, went to Creative Escape in August of 2010, went to Puerto Vallarta in October 10 and here we are.. November 2010. Life has been crazy. Life has been super fun. I wouldn’t trade most of it for anything.
I’m toying with the idea of going back to school again for kinesiology with a certificate in athletic therapy. It would involve a significant lifestyle change I’m not sure I’m ready for or willing to make. It seems I do stand to make a comparable wage to what I make now when I graduate, but it will be 4 long years of sacrifices to make it happen. It’s not an easy decision to make, and I really need to get more information before I do. Maybe taking the long road and doing it part time is my best option. I’m also willing to entertain some other career options that would keep me in EMS but in a different capacity. So much food for thought.
Coming up I will of course be Black Friday shopping again, though I have few needs and wants, but I still enjoy the holiday and the event all the same. I am also running a fun 5k in December where everyone is dressed in a Santa suit. I’ll be the slowest Santa on the course. I will also be having a lot of family over for Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner. I’m also going to be going back to Le Blanc Spa very soon and I’m very very excited.
To the now, I want to blog more – everything from daily life, photos, gratitudes. It’s always fun to come back and reminisce. I used to love to blog – specifically on my diet blog, that I’ve also totally neglected.. much like my diet and fitness plan despite the 3 runs I’ve completed. Really I just need to join a gym closer to home so I no longer have the distance/convenience excuse and get back on the food wagon. I don’t really feel a connection to blogging there anymore though, so I doubt I’ll maintain that. Incidentally, speaking of – 5 years ago yesterday I made the decision to change my life. I’m still down 70 pounds from that decision and am more than ready to carry on with what I started.

One thought on “Hello Old Friend

  1. Hey there you. It really has been a while old friend.Nice to see you blogging again, you have been a busy girl in pink.Congrats on completing those runs, you got guts Chicky.:)

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