More Cleanse Updates..

Since my weekend at work has been most unpleasant (and that doesn’t appear to be changing any time soon…6AM cannot come soon enough!) I’m taking a quick second to do a mini recap of the last few cleanse days. I’d blog about something different, but really work, eat and sleep dominates these weekends of work.

I last posted on Cleanse day 5 – a shake day. I didn’t wind up doing the DVD, but did continue with doing more laundry and folding. Yes, energy is starting to come back and rise.

Cleanse day 6 – shake day – I felt incredible! I woke up in a great mood, had great energy. I did get my DVD done and I had a walking companion too (who also totally rocked!)! I tried a different method of shake, meal, shake (with a few snacks here and there). It seemed to work really well for my hunger and variety. My scale showed a tiny blip up, but also showed a higher % of body water, so some will be a water retention. I knew I was a bit dehydrated because my hands were really dry. I cooked a bunch today as well. I made a bunch of healthy dishes to have on hand and make life a little easier. The good news is, Epicure fits well into the meals I can make since there are no added elements. So, I made fajita chicken and whole wheat rice seasoned with pesto herbs. Awesome possum dinner!

Cleanse day 7 – shake day – Scale back down to the 8 pounds lost, however my energy is a bit down today too. I think it’s just from fatigue and not getting enough sleep over the weekend. My hunger levels have been fine. Today I’m missing sugar – but that was mostly triggered by watching others eat licorice and cookies. I’m also strangely ok with holding steady at 8 pounds lost for now. I’d like more and I know it will come with complying with the remaining 3 weeks on the program. Tonight’s dinner was multigrain spaghetti, with Epicure marinara sauce and soy meatballs. Very tasty and filling. I like how easy it has been to make these healthy dishes, and how easy they are to take to go.

My next 2 days are “cleanse” days. I know again the first day will be easy and the second will be a bit more difficult. I find keeping moderately busy helps to keep my brain away from food. So I do have a few things planned for both Monday and Tuesday to help get me through. After those, I will only have 2 individual “cleanse” days left – one per week. Nice and easy really.

Right now, more than anything, I am just ready for our beach vacation and it can’t come soon enough.

2 thoughts on “More Cleanse Updates..

  1. It really sucks that work is so bad for you right now. I hope it gets better soon. :)Woo Hoo! the cleanse sounds like its going well, keep up the hard work!Beach vacation is coming soon.

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