Pictures will wait…

So I still haven’t posted more trip pictures. That will just have to wait because I’m admittedly currently too lazy to do it. Yes, there, I said it, lazy.

As for the cleanse – I have now completed 2 shake days, 2 cleanse days. This really hasn’t been as hard as I thought it would be, but I don’t think it’s something I could do for the long term. I just find it’s a bit on the restrictive side and that would make it hard for me to follow for a long time. It’s all healthy food, but there is a pretty small list of things on the recommended foods list and I fear I would grow quite food bored. So far I’m not. It’s also pretty cost prohibitive. If our exchange rate was better I’d say it was a great deal. Unfortunately our Canadian dollar has been terrible lately, so I’ve been getting killed on the exchange rate. I’ll get to the nitty gritty. Yesterday I was down 5.4 pounds and 8 overall inches. Today I’m now down to 8 pounds overall, and not set to take inches for a few more days.

Day 1 I was hungry – but that’s common for me the first day on a diet as I get fixated on all the things I can’t have and how hungry I expect to be. I also really didn’t want my second in a row vanilla shake. I must learn to either mix up my shakes during the day or split them up with food. That will all depend on each day really so I’ll have to play that by ear.
Day 2 was easy and I really loved the taste of the chocolate shake. This day I actually had food in between shakes and it helped immensely.
Day 3 was the first “cleanse” day and it went surprisingly well. I didn’t have a lot of energy but I wasn’t overwhelmingly hungry either. Aside from the 4 cleanse drinks and 8 IsaSnacks, I wound up having a hardboiled egg and 6 almonds. I didn’t love the taste of most of the cleanse drinks. I hoped that would change as I became less toxic.
Day 4 was my second “cleanse” day. I was definitely hungrier and did snack a little more on some celery and an IsaDelight chocolate – on top of what I ate on day 3. I also found myself missing just the action of eating something. I stuck to one flavour of cleanse drink and it was much better tasting than the day before. Towards the end of day 4 I was finally starting to get energy again. I cleaned the kitchen and got a lot of mount laundry folded as well as 2 more loads washed.

Today I’m going to do a Walk Away The Pounds DVD before I have to get ready for work. It’s time to get back into exercising. I think exercising will help my energy levels rise some more as well. I know it will help my self esteem – which is incidentally doing much better with finally getting closer to an acceptable (to me) weight. The company says the average person loses 7 pounds after doing a 9 day cleanse. I’ve already exceeded that in a shorter amount of time. I was totally skeptical looking at the box when it arrived, but each day I’m becoming a believer.

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