Boston Re-Cap!

I’m glad I managed to get the fluff post in earlier today just in case I didn’t make it here tonight. Now I can adequately and appropriately post a recap of our weekend travels. Photos will have to wait until I am at home and on my laptop.

Friday –

We ventured out from home at 7ish to be at the Whirlpool bridge Nexus office for 8:30. I got my renewal processed (or so I thought – more on that later) and my new card will apparently arrive in the mail in about 2 weeks. We zipped on up to the IHOP for breakfast and then it was time to be on our way. In typical me fashion I slept through parts of the drive, but was fully awake from just outside Utica on. We grabbed a wee bite to eat just inside the Massachusetts border – a happy meal with a ridiculously cute toy for me of course. The toy, a bobble head bunny, who was named by me, Stella, became our mascot for the remainder of the trip.

We drove the rest of the way straight to Patriot Place. I wanted to shop and see the stadium. All I can say is, wow. After being to a few games at Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo, there is truly no comparison to Gillette. The pro-shop was heaps of fun and I could have spent a small fortune decking *everything* out in all things Patriot. I settled for my Belichick hoodie because I wanted to wear it on my tour of The Hall on Saturday.

We checked in at the hotel and got cleaned up for dinner. We had decided Friday night was to be our night for a nicer dinner in the downtown area, preferably on the harbour for surf and turf. We dined at Legal Seafoods. They boasted that their chowder had been served at every presidential inauguration since 1981. If it’s good enough for Dubya, it’s good enough for me. Now, I don’t normally like chowder, but this stuff was absolutely incredible. My fresh lobster was so nice too. Then the sangria, was delicious!! It wasn’t quite as good as the sangria at Cabana in Nashville, but fantastic all the same. In retrospect I’d have probably been happier to just have chowder and salad and sangria. Duly noted for next time.

We found out the hard way that night that the GPS wasn’t so great in the Boston downtown area. That’s now 2 major US cities it hasn’t been so great for in the downtown areas as it wasn’t all that helpful in Nashville either.

Saturday –
We had a nice breakfast at the Hampton Inn. I say this, because we’ve stayed at 2 in Michigan often and this one actually stood out as having more of a selection, cleaner, better laid out, better food. Then it was back to Patriot Place to do The Hall.

I’d been following The Hall online for many months. I would often get emails before it opened, and then when it finally did open, as well as about any events that have taken place there since it opened. When Steve was going to be going to Boston on business a few weeks ago I had planned to fill one of my days with a visit there, but the more I read about it, the cooler it sounded, and the more Steve wanted to join me, so this worked out perfect. I loved the interactive exhibits. I loved learning more about the team I’ve grown to love.

We left The Hall and were going to try to shop the nearby outlet mall, but the Interstate to get there was backed up, and then the road off the interstate to get there was also backed up. We opted to do some more touring instead. We drove back to Boston, visited Fenway Park and Harvard, drove through some ritzy sections of town, visited Cheers, and decided it was time to call it a day. Off to the restaurant disguised as a high school cafeteria with better food for dinner and early to bed for both of us. To elaborate – we tried a buffet in West Virginia on our way home from Nashville and had an amazing and cheap dinner. I had since found out it was a part of the Old Country Buffet chain, and there was one just down the road from our hotel. The food was good, not quite as good as in WV, and was incredibly cheap, but the atmosphere was really darn bad.

Yet another great Hampton breakfast. I was so thankful to see it wasn’t fargin biscuits and gravy. Who on earth thinks that’s a great idea for a breakfast food anyway??!?!?

I am weak and wanted one last Patriot hoodie – back to the Pro Shop to start the day. One quick hoodie to go, and a promise to return to actually see my team play there, and of course win.

We did swing by the outlet mall on the way home. Steve bought clothes, I bought nothing. I resisted buying some new Emeril pots at the Williams Sonoma outlet.

Then it was onward home. The drive again was mostly uneventful. This time I tried to sleep because I had to stay up all night once home to switch over to night mode – this didn’t happen. I did sleep on the drive, but was still exhausted when I got home and was to bed and asleep far too early. We did stop in Buffalo for dinner and grabbed a few grocery necessities on our way back across and were home by 10:30. The cats, as I mentioned below were quite happy to have us home. It feels good to be missed.

I got home to 2 messages on the machine. One that there was a problem with my online Nexus application that they want me to call the office in person to fix (tried to do that today but they are closed on a Monday), the other was from the group that organized the tradeshow asking me to join their women’s networking group and inviting me to a meeting on Tuesday morning. I think it’s a good fit, but I’ll go and give it a good try for sure.

Cleanse day 1, going well so far. I’m missing coffee badly. Updates on that and photos to come.

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