A New Day

A new day, another Monday. The good news is I’m not working today. I am going to the dentist for my pocket reduction and hope it doesn’t hurt too terribly much. I guess we’ll see. I do have things planned to do after, but I guess if I’m in too much pain I’ll be coming home to bed instead. As always, I have tidying to do before cleaning lady day tomorrow too. That said, I think cleaning up some of my clutter will help me to feel a bit better – psyche wise.

My poor psyche just can’t seem to catch a break. I’m totally not looking forward to going out in the cold, much less to the dentist to have something done I’m completely terrified of. I’m also going through some unfortunate and unexpected fallout from my crazy busy February. I’m still not quite sure how to deal with it – or what to do. The only thing I know for sure is that I’m hurt and sad and completely confused. On an unrelated matter, the home limbo is starting to tax me as well. I just wish I knew if we were staying or going so I could focus my thoughts on one or the other, but it’s been so up and down for a while it’s frustrating me.

I’m really looking forward to tomorrow when I can just stay home and do very little. I need it so badly. I feel like I’m barely surfacing from a February I think happened, but there’s no way it was 28 days long. I need my next 2 getaways – both so vital for different reasons. I need time off of work, the hamster wheel rat race is becoming irksome. I would love love love a spa day – but I want it all, the mani, pedi, massage, facial, body wrap…mmmm body wrap. My hair could really use a trim and highlights too.

Today I need to focus on what I have to be grateful for, rather than the things that are bringing me down, or the things I would love to have. I am grateful for:
~A good benefits package that includes good dental coverage
~Sunshine in the cold
~Purring snuggle cats
~A husband who loves and supports me no matter what
~A good paying stable job in recessionary times
~The hope of greater things to look forward to
~The knowledge that these trying times will all pass, and a new day will dawn, it’s inevitable
~A marginally cooperative scale

One thought on “A New Day

  1. I cant believe February is already over, another month gone. Winter blahs suck!I am looking forward to are next get together, we all need a laugh.

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