More Cleanse Updates..

Since my weekend at work has been most unpleasant (and that doesn’t appear to be changing any time soon…6AM cannot come soon enough!) I’m taking a quick second to do a mini recap of the last few cleanse days. I’d blog about something different, but really work, eat and sleep dominates these weekends of work.

I last posted on Cleanse day 5 – a shake day. I didn’t wind up doing the DVD, but did continue with doing more laundry and folding. Yes, energy is starting to come back and rise.

Cleanse day 6 – shake day – I felt incredible! I woke up in a great mood, had great energy. I did get my DVD done and I had a walking companion too (who also totally rocked!)! I tried a different method of shake, meal, shake (with a few snacks here and there). It seemed to work really well for my hunger and variety. My scale showed a tiny blip up, but also showed a higher % of body water, so some will be a water retention. I knew I was a bit dehydrated because my hands were really dry. I cooked a bunch today as well. I made a bunch of healthy dishes to have on hand and make life a little easier. The good news is, Epicure fits well into the meals I can make since there are no added elements. So, I made fajita chicken and whole wheat rice seasoned with pesto herbs. Awesome possum dinner!

Cleanse day 7 – shake day – Scale back down to the 8 pounds lost, however my energy is a bit down today too. I think it’s just from fatigue and not getting enough sleep over the weekend. My hunger levels have been fine. Today I’m missing sugar – but that was mostly triggered by watching others eat licorice and cookies. I’m also strangely ok with holding steady at 8 pounds lost for now. I’d like more and I know it will come with complying with the remaining 3 weeks on the program. Tonight’s dinner was multigrain spaghetti, with Epicure marinara sauce and soy meatballs. Very tasty and filling. I like how easy it has been to make these healthy dishes, and how easy they are to take to go.

My next 2 days are “cleanse” days. I know again the first day will be easy and the second will be a bit more difficult. I find keeping moderately busy helps to keep my brain away from food. So I do have a few things planned for both Monday and Tuesday to help get me through. After those, I will only have 2 individual “cleanse” days left – one per week. Nice and easy really.

Right now, more than anything, I am just ready for our beach vacation and it can’t come soon enough.

Pictures will wait…

So I still haven’t posted more trip pictures. That will just have to wait because I’m admittedly currently too lazy to do it. Yes, there, I said it, lazy.

As for the cleanse – I have now completed 2 shake days, 2 cleanse days. This really hasn’t been as hard as I thought it would be, but I don’t think it’s something I could do for the long term. I just find it’s a bit on the restrictive side and that would make it hard for me to follow for a long time. It’s all healthy food, but there is a pretty small list of things on the recommended foods list and I fear I would grow quite food bored. So far I’m not. It’s also pretty cost prohibitive. If our exchange rate was better I’d say it was a great deal. Unfortunately our Canadian dollar has been terrible lately, so I’ve been getting killed on the exchange rate. I’ll get to the nitty gritty. Yesterday I was down 5.4 pounds and 8 overall inches. Today I’m now down to 8 pounds overall, and not set to take inches for a few more days.

Day 1 I was hungry – but that’s common for me the first day on a diet as I get fixated on all the things I can’t have and how hungry I expect to be. I also really didn’t want my second in a row vanilla shake. I must learn to either mix up my shakes during the day or split them up with food. That will all depend on each day really so I’ll have to play that by ear.
Day 2 was easy and I really loved the taste of the chocolate shake. This day I actually had food in between shakes and it helped immensely.
Day 3 was the first “cleanse” day and it went surprisingly well. I didn’t have a lot of energy but I wasn’t overwhelmingly hungry either. Aside from the 4 cleanse drinks and 8 IsaSnacks, I wound up having a hardboiled egg and 6 almonds. I didn’t love the taste of most of the cleanse drinks. I hoped that would change as I became less toxic.
Day 4 was my second “cleanse” day. I was definitely hungrier and did snack a little more on some celery and an IsaDelight chocolate – on top of what I ate on day 3. I also found myself missing just the action of eating something. I stuck to one flavour of cleanse drink and it was much better tasting than the day before. Towards the end of day 4 I was finally starting to get energy again. I cleaned the kitchen and got a lot of mount laundry folded as well as 2 more loads washed.

Today I’m going to do a Walk Away The Pounds DVD before I have to get ready for work. It’s time to get back into exercising. I think exercising will help my energy levels rise some more as well. I know it will help my self esteem – which is incidentally doing much better with finally getting closer to an acceptable (to me) weight. The company says the average person loses 7 pounds after doing a 9 day cleanse. I’ve already exceeded that in a shorter amount of time. I was totally skeptical looking at the box when it arrived, but each day I’m becoming a believer.

Boston Re-Cap!

I’m glad I managed to get the fluff post in earlier today just in case I didn’t make it here tonight. Now I can adequately and appropriately post a recap of our weekend travels. Photos will have to wait until I am at home and on my laptop.

Friday –

We ventured out from home at 7ish to be at the Whirlpool bridge Nexus office for 8:30. I got my renewal processed (or so I thought – more on that later) and my new card will apparently arrive in the mail in about 2 weeks. We zipped on up to the IHOP for breakfast and then it was time to be on our way. In typical me fashion I slept through parts of the drive, but was fully awake from just outside Utica on. We grabbed a wee bite to eat just inside the Massachusetts border – a happy meal with a ridiculously cute toy for me of course. The toy, a bobble head bunny, who was named by me, Stella, became our mascot for the remainder of the trip.

We drove the rest of the way straight to Patriot Place. I wanted to shop and see the stadium. All I can say is, wow. After being to a few games at Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo, there is truly no comparison to Gillette. The pro-shop was heaps of fun and I could have spent a small fortune decking *everything* out in all things Patriot. I settled for my Belichick hoodie because I wanted to wear it on my tour of The Hall on Saturday.

We checked in at the hotel and got cleaned up for dinner. We had decided Friday night was to be our night for a nicer dinner in the downtown area, preferably on the harbour for surf and turf. We dined at Legal Seafoods. They boasted that their chowder had been served at every presidential inauguration since 1981. If it’s good enough for Dubya, it’s good enough for me. Now, I don’t normally like chowder, but this stuff was absolutely incredible. My fresh lobster was so nice too. Then the sangria, was delicious!! It wasn’t quite as good as the sangria at Cabana in Nashville, but fantastic all the same. In retrospect I’d have probably been happier to just have chowder and salad and sangria. Duly noted for next time.

We found out the hard way that night that the GPS wasn’t so great in the Boston downtown area. That’s now 2 major US cities it hasn’t been so great for in the downtown areas as it wasn’t all that helpful in Nashville either.

Saturday –
We had a nice breakfast at the Hampton Inn. I say this, because we’ve stayed at 2 in Michigan often and this one actually stood out as having more of a selection, cleaner, better laid out, better food. Then it was back to Patriot Place to do The Hall.

I’d been following The Hall online for many months. I would often get emails before it opened, and then when it finally did open, as well as about any events that have taken place there since it opened. When Steve was going to be going to Boston on business a few weeks ago I had planned to fill one of my days with a visit there, but the more I read about it, the cooler it sounded, and the more Steve wanted to join me, so this worked out perfect. I loved the interactive exhibits. I loved learning more about the team I’ve grown to love.

We left The Hall and were going to try to shop the nearby outlet mall, but the Interstate to get there was backed up, and then the road off the interstate to get there was also backed up. We opted to do some more touring instead. We drove back to Boston, visited Fenway Park and Harvard, drove through some ritzy sections of town, visited Cheers, and decided it was time to call it a day. Off to the restaurant disguised as a high school cafeteria with better food for dinner and early to bed for both of us. To elaborate – we tried a buffet in West Virginia on our way home from Nashville and had an amazing and cheap dinner. I had since found out it was a part of the Old Country Buffet chain, and there was one just down the road from our hotel. The food was good, not quite as good as in WV, and was incredibly cheap, but the atmosphere was really darn bad.

Yet another great Hampton breakfast. I was so thankful to see it wasn’t fargin biscuits and gravy. Who on earth thinks that’s a great idea for a breakfast food anyway??!?!?

I am weak and wanted one last Patriot hoodie – back to the Pro Shop to start the day. One quick hoodie to go, and a promise to return to actually see my team play there, and of course win.

We did swing by the outlet mall on the way home. Steve bought clothes, I bought nothing. I resisted buying some new Emeril pots at the Williams Sonoma outlet.

Then it was onward home. The drive again was mostly uneventful. This time I tried to sleep because I had to stay up all night once home to switch over to night mode – this didn’t happen. I did sleep on the drive, but was still exhausted when I got home and was to bed and asleep far too early. We did stop in Buffalo for dinner and grabbed a few grocery necessities on our way back across and were home by 10:30. The cats, as I mentioned below were quite happy to have us home. It feels good to be missed.

I got home to 2 messages on the machine. One that there was a problem with my online Nexus application that they want me to call the office in person to fix (tried to do that today but they are closed on a Monday), the other was from the group that organized the tradeshow asking me to join their women’s networking group and inviting me to a meeting on Tuesday morning. I think it’s a good fit, but I’ll go and give it a good try for sure.

Cleanse day 1, going well so far. I’m missing coffee badly. Updates on that and photos to come.

The Simple Woman’s Daybook – March 9 2009.

For Monday, March 9, 2009.

Outside my window… An unexpected light dusting of snow. It’s very grey and dreary out.

I am thinking… About cleanse day 1. I am so motivated to succeed and fear failure.

I am thankful for… A simply great weekend getaway. We had an awesome time in Boston. The weather was fantastic, and the city was fun to tour.

From the kitchen… Nothing for now. I’m still trying to figure out what my healthy meals are going to be.

I am wearing… Dr. Seuss jammies and warm fuzzy pink socks. Almost time to get ready to go to work.

I am creating… Not a darn thing. I did get some scrapbooking done last week, and picked up a few small things at a store in the Boston area over the weekend.

I am going… To work tonight, and not looking forward to it.

I am reading… Just google reader for now. I may get ambitious and bring a book in to work tonight to read, perhaps World Without End.

I am hoping… To get some exercise in tomorrow, since it’s not happening today because I didn’t get enough sleep during the day today.

I am hearing… Just the TV in the background – idle noise.

Around the house… 2 Awesome cats! They are so great to come home to. Socks greeted me paws up on the door last night. So great!

One of my favorite things… Sleep! Something I totally need more of right now.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Returning a few phone calls, attending my first WSW meeting and making sure it all fits and works out for me, perhaps some cut n paste later this week, my first cleanse days (yikes!)

Here is picture thought I am sharing…

To take part in this challenge go here.

New Look – For Now

I have a new look for a wee bit, and it’s really just highlighting my World of Warcraft obsession. I’ll probably be changing it again at some point, so for now all my links that were on the right are gone, and I don’t like the stuff at the bottom, but might need to recruit some better HTML skills than what I currently have to fix that.

Last night I don’t think I could catch a single break if I tried. I started off making cabbage roll casserole and in not realizing just how hot my Epicure Multi-Purpose pot gets, I scorched the bottom and thus ruined the pot 😦 Prior to the scorching I was absolutely amazed at how awesome it was for browning my ground turkey and how nice it was to strain with the lid. Lesson learned, the hard and expensive way. I’ll still replace it. I’m just irked at my general stupidity.

Steve has also decided to join me on my cleanse. So I ordered that for him last night in the hopes it will arrive before we leave for Boston. However, I forgot to add something extra on to his order so I have had to place a second order to get it. Again, mad and frustrated with my general stupidity.

Then the Nexus pass! 😦 I’ve barely had the thing a year, they just sent me a new and enhanced card. I was hunting for it all over the house last night and can’t find it. So I had to report it as missing and request a replacement card for a $25USD fee, and another application process that they could very well deny my request for a replacement. And now, I will stress again until I receive my ruling on it one way or the other. The initial application took about 2 weeks, I’m hoping this one will be quicker because I’ve already been approved once. Really fargin mad at my stupidity here – not to mention it could have come in handy for our road trip this weekend.

Today I’m home and have spent the bulk of the day in bed with a burrowed calico cat, still a bit loopy from the Tylenol 3 and in a bit of pain.

Anyone wanting to send me a break can feel free to send it along any time now.


The pink around here is getting irritating for even me. I found some pretty templates online and am trying to figure what one I like best. Unfortunately they tend to blow away stuff I already had on my side nav’s. So for now, links are gone until I get this set the way I want it. And for now, I’m back to the pink while I keep testing different ones out.

Otherwise today is a great lazy day. Tylenol 3s are my friend because my dental work is a little sore. My cleaning lady has been and gone. My desk and scrapspace are actually clean again after looking most disastrous for a week.

Life is good.

A New Day

A new day, another Monday. The good news is I’m not working today. I am going to the dentist for my pocket reduction and hope it doesn’t hurt too terribly much. I guess we’ll see. I do have things planned to do after, but I guess if I’m in too much pain I’ll be coming home to bed instead. As always, I have tidying to do before cleaning lady day tomorrow too. That said, I think cleaning up some of my clutter will help me to feel a bit better – psyche wise.

My poor psyche just can’t seem to catch a break. I’m totally not looking forward to going out in the cold, much less to the dentist to have something done I’m completely terrified of. I’m also going through some unfortunate and unexpected fallout from my crazy busy February. I’m still not quite sure how to deal with it – or what to do. The only thing I know for sure is that I’m hurt and sad and completely confused. On an unrelated matter, the home limbo is starting to tax me as well. I just wish I knew if we were staying or going so I could focus my thoughts on one or the other, but it’s been so up and down for a while it’s frustrating me.

I’m really looking forward to tomorrow when I can just stay home and do very little. I need it so badly. I feel like I’m barely surfacing from a February I think happened, but there’s no way it was 28 days long. I need my next 2 getaways – both so vital for different reasons. I need time off of work, the hamster wheel rat race is becoming irksome. I would love love love a spa day – but I want it all, the mani, pedi, massage, facial, body wrap…mmmm body wrap. My hair could really use a trim and highlights too.

Today I need to focus on what I have to be grateful for, rather than the things that are bringing me down, or the things I would love to have. I am grateful for:
~A good benefits package that includes good dental coverage
~Sunshine in the cold
~Purring snuggle cats
~A husband who loves and supports me no matter what
~A good paying stable job in recessionary times
~The hope of greater things to look forward to
~The knowledge that these trying times will all pass, and a new day will dawn, it’s inevitable
~A marginally cooperative scale