More Thoughts on the Cleanse

I spent the better part of yesterday thinking more about my decision to give the cleanse a try and I’m filled with multitudes of thoughts really. Mostly, I am really glad I’ve made this decision and I’m very eager to get started (which I know is a very good sign for me). I’d love to get started now, but I don’t want to do it during the Boston road trip. I am really encouraged by all the positive results I’ve been reading all over the internet.

I have also been giving greater thoughts to the meats and produce we eat. I worry the hormones in the feed that they give to the animals aren’t good for us humans at all, nor the pesticides etc. on fruits and veggies. I really hate that organic meats and produce are so much more expensive than their non organic counterparts. I question how ethical that is on all levels – gouge the consumer for wanting something healthier in their life.

That said, I also admit I have been considering the validity of the claims of the cleanse whereby they suggest something like part of the reasons fat cells linger in the body is to help protect the body from toxins. It would certainly give an interesting theory and angle to the current global obesity epidemic beyond just blaming it on an increase in portion size. We have been taking strides towards healthier food preparation methods with the ban of trans fats, but generations past cooked with straight lard (natural product sure, but otherwise so unhealthy). In the past, down home cooking and comfort foods were the norm – people may have been more active in their daily living, but there were no gyms to go to and the global obesity epidemic didn’t exist period. Taking that one step further, we now live in an environment that is significantly more toxic than past generations. It’s a potential obesity link that is very hard to argue.

I am doing this primarily for the health benefits. I’m intrigued by the claims of feeling more energetic, sleeping better (so vital considering my shift work has my patterns all messed up), clearer skin, healthier hair, all that wonderful stuff. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t highly interested in the weight loss benefits too. It’s entirely possible I could lose the 20 pounds I want during this cleanse (which they also claim will stay off because I’m no longer as toxic as when I first began). That for me would be huge! I guess I’ll start to find out the truth about it all in a little over a week.

I am absolutely still quite skeptical, and this may wind up doing very little for me. Or I could be one of the many claiming great results. If it does make me healthier, great. At the very least it’s got me thinking about the toxins in the things we eat…and concerned…

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