Happy Life Updates!

I figure after such a somber previous post I needed to post about some of the good and happy things that have been in my life in the last few weeks.

We had a fantastic trip to the Mayan Riviera! I love Aventura Spa Palace! This was our 3rd visit to this resort in 2 years, that’s how much we love it there. The weather wasn’t the greatest, and according to the locals that’s common there for this time of year. Lesson learned, we will return to the Vallarta side and skip the Mayan for our anniversary. I did manage to scratch off 2 things from the list of some little life goals I’d set for myself. We came home with a vacation membership to Palace Resorts after finally reaching a mutually amenable agreement. We absolutely love the Palace Resorts and have now taken 4 trips to a Palace resort and I can’t wait to start getting spoiled with the extra member perks. I’m also looking forward to discovering what deals are hidden within the RCI site, but we still don’t have all our RCI info yet. If it’s not here by Friday I’ll get in contact with someone to find out what’s the scoop. We also ventured in and made the trek to Chichen Itza. We had both been mulling over the plans to visit each of the 7 modern wonders of the world and have now visited 1, with 6 to go. We’d been to Tulum and saw other ruins on Isla Mujeres and had pretty much agreed that Mayan ruins were pretty much alike, which they are. It was a cool site to see, but I think I still prefer Tulum – smaller, less commercial at the actual ruins site and the beach is incredible.

After getting home I had thought I left the battery and charger for my SLR behind in the room at Aventura Spa. I emailed the resort and they quickly replied and said they hadn’t seen it and it hadn’t been turned in. I’d pretty much resigned myself to having to buy a generic replacement, and did actually find a generic battery and charger on ebay tonight, that would be shipped to me for $20. I figured if it didn’t work out it wasn’t a great loss. However, I went to get the cable for my point and shoot to plug it in and found the SLR battery and charger in the bag with the other cables. So, I guess I’ll be getting an emergency spare in the mail soon enough. I’m really just relieved to have found the original!

At the end of September I decided to take the plunge and sign up with Epicure to be an “independent consultant”. The big thing for me is I realized I loved the stuff and wanted a convenient way to reorder for my own personal consumption and the consultant I’d been dealing with lives over an hour away. Well, I’m loving the heck out of all the stuff I’ve tried. There’s only been one product I wasn’t too crazy about, and that was one of the salad dressings. I may give it another try and use the other recipe that goes with it, we’ll see. Tonight I made an amazing chicken stir fry using the stirfry seasoning and red pepper jelly on the veggies and the teriyaki seasoning on the chicken. It was an amazing dinner and so easy. It really makes me feel like a culinary dynamo to make these concoctions. One of the taglines for Epicure is “make every day gourmet simply by opening a jar”, and it is so true. Sales haven’t been too bad, but I’m not really in it to make money and I haven’t been aggressively promoting it as I probably should be.

2 weeks ago Socksie developed her anal gland problem again. For perhaps 3 years now she has had problems with one of her anal glands that it impacts, then abcesses and ruptures – and we don’t know it’s a problem for her until the rupture phase. She has been on antibiotics for 2 weeks and I am very very thankful for Pill Pockets. She hates being force fed pills so much and this has been the most painless ever. I wish they had these all those years ago when I first adopted her with her upper respiratory tract infection that she was on antibiotics for. We took her back to the vet yesterday for her followup and he said she has healed very well and would not require manual expressing of her gland (which I’m sure all of us were very thankful for!). I wish I knew years ago how problematic this would have been for her and I would have aggressively pushed for surgery to remove the gland completely. Now, at her advanced feline age, I want her in as little stress as possible and with her aging kidneys I’m not sure she’d be a good surgical candidate and can’t see anaesthetic as being good for her.

Other small randoms – I finally have a colour ink jet again. I needed it for the Stories In Hand online course I’m doing, and it feels great to be able to print colour text at home again. The ink seems reasonably priced too, another huge bonus. Next week we leave for our Black Friday shopping trip. I’ve been scouring the ads pretty closely and we are getting to the time when all the ads are being released. I have a small list of things I’d like to find for me, and I’d like to get some Christmas shopping done as well. This year will also be the first year Steve has watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with me, so I’m looking forward to letting him in on my own little tradition. My wisdom teeth removal date is rapidly approaching, 2 weeks to go. I’m still scared to death, but I think I’ll just be relieved once this is all over and done with for good. I just wish I was trying out these drugs they’re going to be giving me under better circumstances. My PC has still been acting up, yes since the beginning of August. I’ve finally had enough with it and will be switching everything over to my MacBook and running the hard drives out of the PC as much needed external storage. Throughout the problematic PC time my Mac hasn’t given me a stitch of trouble ever. I have paid repair guys to fix it, as well as spent an hour on the phone with microcrap only to have it screw up again, and huge. That was the breaking point. Twilight the movie comes out on Friday and I’m going with 2 girlfriends and someone I’ll be meeting for the first time that night. I’m sure the movie won’t be as good as the book, but I’m still geekily excited anyway. Back off bitches Edward Cullen is all mine! ;). Finally, I made some absolutely adorable baskets for Hallowe’en candy for Steve to give to his staff at work for Hallowe’en. I’m really proud of the final product and will post a pic here soon.

More life updates and stories to come in future posts. I have the blog bug again!

One thought on “Happy Life Updates!

  1. Hey you again! Glad you got the blogging bug back!I’m “taking” stories in hand too, but have been so busy creating goodies for the Sick Kids fundraiser that I haven’t even had time to look at the course content…maybe in January – YIKES!Glad to hear Socksie is feeling better and that you had such a good time on your trip. Makes me wish DH and I were still DINK and could do that every year!!!Hugs~C~

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