Need to blog more

I realize I’ve neglected both my blogs a lot, and it’s not for lack of things to say, but more the motivation to sit down and actually type them out. I plan on making more time for that very soon – more than likely on Tuesday when the cleaning lady is here.

Up until yesterday I had been obsessed with moving State-side. However with Obama winning the election and wanting to tax the hell out of my income bracket I don’t see that happening until he is at least no longer in power. I took a quiz online to find where it would recommend for me to live in the US based on a bunch of survey criteria. I found the answers quite interesting. My top 24 in order are:

1. Tampa, FL
2. Phoenix, AZ
3. Orlando, FL
4. Charleston, SC
5. Houston, TX
6. Augusta, GA
7. West Palm Beach, FL
8. Jacksonville, FL
9. Tucson, AZ
10. Austin, TX
11. San Antonio, TX
12. Las Vegas, NV
13. El Paso, TX
14. Norfolk, VA
15. Dallas, TX
16. Chesapeake – Virginia Beach, VA
17. Atlanta, GA
18. Memphis, TN
19. Fort Worth, TX
20. Charlotte, NC
21. Baton Rouge, LA
22. Oklahoma City, OK
23. Brownsville, TX
24. Nashville, TN

Very interesting.. I guess I need to move south and hot. Not much of a surprise there. But there were a lot of places on the list I’d never normally consider.

Interested in taking your own quiz? Find your spot!

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