Mission Accomplished!

So, I got home very early this morning thanks to some unexpected early relief at work. My XM was glued to CNN listening to all the Gustav goings on for the whole drive home. I even missed out on listening to Jean Chatzky on Oprah (my fav!) just to get hurricane updates. So, I got home, freed a trapped Matisse, and settled into bed with a piece of toast and Cheez-Whiz light and CNN now on the TV. I fell asleep to the news and missed the bulk of Gustav’s landfall because Steve woke me up at around 1:20, close to 4 hours after the big event. The good news is the levees seem to be holding and Gustav is weakening and it so far doesn’t seem to be as devastating as Katrina was. I’ve really enjoyed the footage CNN has provided and think it would be fun as heck to be a storm chaser. Though, I’m not sure I’d be happy if a hurricane interrupted our Mayan vacation, but it is a risk we are taking.

We’ll be having a late lunch – I have made my black bean veggie chili with the Epicure chipotle chili seasoning. I’m now wishing we had some fresh cheese buns to have with it – and am seriously contemplating a trip to the Apple Factory to get some. But, I am going to resist, as I’m sure they are well over 500 calories each of bad white carbs.

Otherwise I think it’s going to be a mostly lazy day. I’m getting my laundry done, and I can’t wait to climb in to fresh washed sheets tonight in bed. πŸ™‚ No cut and paste so far for me today, spending the day on the couch with Steve – him reading, me laptopping and CNNing is a far better way to spend a bonus day together. I think fish is on the menu for dinner tonight, but think BBQ steak and potatoes and perhaps a skewer of scallops or shrimp would be far more fitting for the last long weekend of the summer. Mustn’t forget a cocktail or 2, or huge glass of red wine to go with that dinner! πŸ˜‰ The next long weekend we’ll be enjoying Mexican turkey on the Mayan coast! That will definitely have a cocktail or 2 and wine with it. I seriously can’t wait!!

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