"Sense"-ational Sundays

I think this week’s installment of Sense-ational Sundays is going to be harder than most simply because I feel like I’ve barely existed this week. It’s my long week of nights and I tend to function in a bit of a fog – as though the world around me exists separate to me existing in it. I’m not sure that would make sense to anyone other than those who have the joys of night shift, but it’s the best I could come up with 😉

So – here goes the old college try!

I see:
Eat Pray Love. I finished Breaking Dawn this week and it was a fantastic ending. I’m definitely going to miss Edward and Bella and suspect I’ll be going into withdrawal soon enough. However, out with the old, in with the new and on to something less fluff. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this book, and I already identify with the author on so many levels. I’m liking it, but it’s definitely not the same as what I have been reading. (note the shameless plug for Penguin in the link!)

I hear:
A yowing kitty. Matisse is in heat again and we are both at our wits end with her. Thankfully the worst is over, and I definitely picked a good week to have a full week of work. Steve was less fortunate however.
I also hear College Football fight songs and marching bands! It was the start of the college football season this weekend. I am very sad to report my Wolverines lost, and Steve will probably happily report his Irish did not… they also didn’t play this weekend.
Finally, I hear weather reports about the impending Hurricane Gustav expected to make landfall as early as tomorrow. I assure you I will be glued to CNN and probably that link and everything I can to sponge it all in. I hope the hurricanes slow down soon, as we are planning our Mayan vacation that is 6 weeks out. Incidentally that Gustav link is really damn cool!!!

I taste:
Not enough apparently. These last few days I have had an absolutely ravenous appetite. I’m hoping it goes away soon or eases off. Thankfully I’m only barely going over my calories to keep the hunger monster at bay, and I’m still losing daily. The losing trend is good, and so worth it. This week I will make my high protein veggie chilli and try out the last Epicure seasoning I haven’t tried yet before my tasting party on Caturday.

I touch:
My scrapbook supplies! The joys of night shift have left me with 2 evenings this week to literally scrap the night away until the daylight come.. Day-O! I have mostly finished my Evolution album from CKU – all that is missing is 1 enlarged photo that I need to scan and then resize and print, then adhere to a chipboard page, and insert a transparent clock overlay. I should probably stamp some words on some of the transparent pages, but in the absence of the stamps and ink I want to use to do it, it will have to wait. The missing words don’t take away from the album anyway, and I *will* do it, I just need to order the stamps online (that I’m trying not to do), and then buy some ink I hate using. I also completed the My Little Yellow Bicycle acrylic mini album from CKU as well. It’s been a highly productive week, and it feels good.

I smell:
The end of summer. Up until earlier this week I wasn’t ready to let go of a summer that never did get overly warm, but now I’m ready for all the greatness that fall has to offer. Fall is by far my favourite season and I generally love everything fall – the sights, the smells, the moderate weather. I’ve spent part of my week looking at tropical real estate, and I think fall is the only season I would truly miss. And yes, I am actually quite serious about making a move to the tropics happen. I am so ready for it – the weather, the simpler lifestyle – now to just figure out a way to make it work…

That’s a wrap!

ETA: Yay! All but 1 link are broken. I can’t be bothered to try to fix it now. Perhaps I will sweet talk the man into fixing it for me…

ETA even later!: I think I fixed the blimey links myself! Go me!

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