"Sense"-ational Sundays

I see…
A PC that hasn’t been working properly since just before leaving for Utah. I just managed to get DH to have a look at it tonight after it remaining off for over a week in frustration. I know what I am not seeing – my sweet little sorceress in Diablo II killing little buggers that like to yell “Rakanishu!” and “Bishibosh!”before they attack me, and then I need to kill them, despite their overwhelming cuteness. I do also see Breaking Dawn, a very happy find at Costco this week. I’m already a good 150 pages into it and it’s awesome!

I hear…
A DH yelling angrily in frustration at said PC for not fixing as easily as it should.

I taste…
More deliciousness from Epicure. I’m making a point to try out everything I bought at Elaine’s tasting party before my own. On the menu last night was using the dijon-tarragon on pork grilled on the BBQ. OMG! So amazing! I’m yet to find an Epicure product I haven’t liked. I can’t wait for the new catalog to arrive in the mail so I can have a better look at all the new stuff for fall/winter.

I touch…
My Visa! It got a mini-workout today. As if my spree in Utah wasn’t enough, I came home wanting and needing more things. I wasn’t able to buy all the things on my wishlist, and some new things found their way there in a hurry after being there. So, today I managed to get the new Ranger Snow Cap pigment ink. I can’t wait to start playing with it! I have ordered a kit from Scraptivity that has a bunch of Little Yellow Bicycle Vita Bella product in it that I happened to fall in love with in Provo. I ordered it on Thursday night, it shipped Friday and will arrive tomorrow. That is amazing! I’m also loving the Scenic Route Scrap Strips and picked up a couple in Utah, and a couple more today, completely inspired by a mini-layout we did with Lisa Bearnson.

I smell…
New Scentports! Our cross border run netted us a functional Scentport for the front hallway, and I promptly placed Vanilla Coconut in both of the lower floor. I am more than content to have my house smelling like the tropics when I leave for them in roughly 6 weeks.

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