CKU Provo 2008 – Day 4

Day 4 – Album Track day for us, and we chose to do the Ali Edwards album Evolution. I took her album track in Nashville so I knew how much of a treat it is to spend a day with her, but it was a first for Stephanie. Also helping out with the class again today was her friend Paolo. He is a scream and so much fun. I was lobbying him to start up his own album track for next year as Ali will not be teaching at them for next year – possibly longer.

The album is absolutely gorgeous, and the pace was so laid back. There was no stress to complete it in the day as we were given awesome colour instructions for each part, but even then she really stresses making it your own and just going with the guidelines given. There was also minimal true instruction time, so there was no “put up a slide on the overhead, make your layout look like the slide and have it done before the slide comes down or else”. I already had an album track where that was absolutely the case and it was considerably less fun – but it was necessary for that album as it was all very uniform. We had great fun gabbing with someone at our table who was also from Toronto. That is part of the fun of these events is the people you meet – it’s becoming a reunion for me as I have a small few that I have kept in contact with and keep seeing at these events. Despite all of that I managed to get a lot of my album completed in the day – mine will take longer because I am adding to it and changing the format slightly, but that’s one of the joys of 3 ring albums. The album is a Maya Road 8×8 chipboard album, that was covered with KI Memories lace cardstock, and then painted. Ali loves to paint in her album track, so I went well prepared to get dirty and covered in paint. My camera bag is now a true scrapbooker bag as it too has paint on it, and on the strap, and on an inocuous spot on the lens.

Friday night was Paint Can swap night. There were so many amazing looking cans there, mine actually looked good next to all the cans. There was one that really stood out as being an awesome can, the rest were in similar quality. I can’t really say that I saw any that I didn’t want to recieve that night. Ironically, I wound up swapping with Gretchen’s friend Dee. She seems to have liked a lot of the items in her can, and they both raved about my piano hinge album – so it was totally worth all the blood, sweat, and tears to get it done. And now I want to make more of them because they just look that cool. And because I can 🙂

After swapping cans, we grabbed dinner at a great pizza and pasta place that came highly recommended on Trip Advisor. Joining us was a girl I met at last year’s CKU and her friend – Gretchen and Dee. Both are genuinely nice people and it was nice to get some time to catch up. This restaurant also brewed their own rootbeer. YUM! Seriously yum. They sell it by the bottle and I would have been all over trying to figure out a way to get it home, but had visions of it exploding in my luggage and then all over my clothes, or worse all my loot and projects…

We went back to the evening crop and had originally planned on staying for the bonus workshops. We got a coaster album as well as a Rusty Pickle layout. Unfortunately the album needed photos to be completed, and there was little that could be done to it without the photos, and the Rusty Pickle was a pirate themed layout with full instructions provided in the kit on how to complete. I had no interest in the layout, and Stephanie was stuck next to a highly annoying woman, so we opted to leave early, and start out early on our shopping ventures.

First stop – Pebbles In My Pocket, also known as Pebbles Inc. OMG!! I didn’t really expect much from this store as the only product of theirs I was familiar with was their chalks. I had forgotten about their ribbon iron that was featured in magazines a few years back as well. HOWEVER…they make their own paper, embellies, albums, page kits, etc. Their papers are awesome…seriously..there were so many papers there that we both fell in love with – and they were all 40% off that night. I seriously need to find a local store that carries their papers (hint hint) because they are absolutely fantastic. They also gave us a foam stamp alpha with both positives and negativess (and I think upper and lowercase too), as well as a bottle of paint and a card full of ribbon just for stopping in – on top of all the discounts.

Second stop was back to Archivers to pick up a few things with our coupons that were included in our CKU registration kit. Let me tell you a little thing about Ms. Stephanie. I went ready to shop with abandon because I’d been working so much overtime lately to do that. That woman put me to shame, serious shame. She shopped like a veritable madwoman and nothing was safe! 😉 I had a bit more restraint, but not a lot 😉 I was mostly about things I loved or had been wanting for a while. I was also concerned about getting stuff home, as well as I wanted to have some money left so I could perhaps shop a certain new store opening when it does…as well as on my Black Friday weekend…as well as leaving a few things for Santa to buy me because I’ve been a very good girl all year.

Back home to bed with more awesome loot in hand. We spent a little time trying to re-pack and re-organize stuff. I crashed early, she was a workhorse going to the wee hours of the morning. We also decided that night with the huge volume of loot that we were going to have to ship home. Yes, there just was that much stuff – both volume and weight wise.

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