CKU Provo 2008 – Day 2

Day 2 was the Mecca Motherlode Bus Tour Day and it was every bit as awesome as expected and then some. We went to 6 warehouses warehouses and 3 LSS in the area. The warehouses were – Rusty Pickle, Bo Bunny, Lasting Impressions, Making Memories, Daisy D’s and 3 Bugs In A Rug. They all really had fantastic deals and some of them really had their acts together and made it real easy to shop, the others, not so much – but the deals on loot made up for it. And if the deals weren’t enough, the freebies and goodie bags from all stops were absolutely incredible. The 3 stores were generally decent, but I think we got the least time at what was probably the best. The name is currently escaping me, but it was huge, had a huge selection of new loot, and other related things that weren’t necessarly scrapbook things – like nice stationery and candles and things. They also had a celebrity make n take for us with Teresa Collins and her new Hallowe’en papers. All in all, much cash was spent, and it was a great but long day. The giveaways on the bus were also amazing. We were really looked after, and it was a great day. We boarded at 6:45ish, and didn’t get back until 9ish. I am so glad we made it in time and it was heaps and heaps of fun. Well worth the price of admission.

We were both generally too bagged to even look at all our substantial loot before we called it a night. Thursday is the official start of CKU – with a very important change. The days of dashing from table to table for manufacturer make n takes are over, and now they are in class “inspiration stations”, 30 minute sessions to make 6×6 layouts for a mini album for CKU memories – with lunch brought to you in your seat. Both are at the outset seemingly great improvements from past CKUs.

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