CKU Provo 2008 – Day 1

This morning saw us up (Stephanie and I) before the rooster crowed to make our way to Pearson – presumably on an Air Canada/United code share flight to Salt Lake City with a connection at Chicago O’Hare. Apparently, shockingly enough, there was weather in the windy city that cancelled our flight in this morning. United “helpfully” rebooked us on a similar flight, but leaving tomorrow – totally *NOT* acceptable as we are supposed to be on the Mecca Motherlode Shopping Bus tour tomorrow and there was no way in heck we were missing that. A few frantic calls to United central reservations, some sprints across the terminal between ticket counters and we were rebooked on an Air Canada, for this morning, by way of Denver, getting in 20 minutes later than originally planned. Totally palatable.

…Except there was a screw up with the ticketing..and horrendously long lines at Air Canada check-in that almost had us miss the baggage cut-off, but made that under the wire – tick tock. Then off to wait in huge lines for US Customs. 8:25, we are still in the customs line, nowhere close to being seen for a flight that is taking off at 8:45. I was totally stressed, and in line a bit behind us were some guys from our Olympic kayak team. If I was less stressed I might have wished them well in Beijing, however I was too concerned about making it to my own flight. I flagged someone down who pulled us to the front of the line. The customs agent was horrified at the amount of bags we were taking for just 2 of us for 5 days – little did she know we were toting an empty suitcase each because a $25 2nd bag fee was still cheaper than shipping the same amount of weight home via USPS. An explanation of copious amounts of shopping helped, and off we were sprinting through security and tossing bags on the check-in conveyor, sprinting towards the gate yelling “Stop the Plaaaaannnnneeeee!” Thankfully we weren’t the last ones on as *several* passengers were displaced this morning. And now we’re off to Denver. We make it safe and sound, navigate Denver airport and eventually find our United gate for our next leg in to Salt Lake City. For once today after the kerfuffle to start the morning we are actually somewhere with time to spare. Our arrival was uneventful, which made a nice change, and with the stress gone, and finally here it was time to take it all in and enjoy it!

The city is gorgeous. Such amazing scenery. I’m so glad and thankful we decided to make this pilgrimage. On today’s docket was a self-guided tour to some of the northern state warehouses – Cosmo Cricket, SEI, Adorn-It, Bo Bunny and Rusty Pickle. Since we got in later than usual, and the car rental was a much slower process than usual we didn’t clear the airport until close to 90 minutes after arrival. So, all we really had time left to see was Bo Bunny and then work our way south. I’m a bit sad as Cosmo Cricket is my fav, and SEI a very close second, but only SEI had a store, and it was a very long way to drive to just see stores of paper.

BoBunny – OMG what an amazing place. They had a great little make n take set up. It was neat to see the graphic designers creative spaces – not much different from yours and mine really. They had all the new product up in samples on display and it looked great! And then the shopping..and the fantastic deals! Wow! The $1 section was fantastic, and we got a huge lot of newly released paper and embellies for $20..seriously..$20. We got a class kit selling at a nearby LSS for $25 – but it was $17 at Bo Bunny. The people there were just great and heaps of fun. A stop we weren’t sure about making but *very* thankful we did. Simply fantastic!

Ben Franklin Crafts – reminded us a lot of old White Rose. Not much great here. Carried on with small purchases only.

Rusty Pickle – Warehouse sale ongoing, some good deals, some not really deals at all, but a great chance to get all things Rusty Pickle. The goodie bag for CKU participants…OMG!! So generous! We already went through it all, decided what we are keeping/could keep with airline weight restrictions, and the rest will be left at a CKU crop table for others to pillage.

Strange LSS near Rusty Pickle – old and dated stuff, kitchy, essentially not so good. Nothing bought, 15 minutes of our lives we are never getting back again.

Archivers – Lots of good loot, Stephanie found some stamps she’d been coveting for a while as well as some new favs. We will definitely be back later in the week with a coupon and other discounts offered once we officially get registered for the event – or possibly on our bus tour tomorrow. Who knows where that will take us.

Pictures will have to wait. Tired. Very long and for a time very stressful day. Can’t wait until the bus tour tomorrow! Next update will be tomorrow, same Bat channel…unknown Bat time 😉

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