21 Day Challenge – Days 2-4

I’ve skipped a few days of journalling through this challenge. I’ll see what I can do to jot down some notes here to make it easier when it comes time for me to work on the album..

Day 2 – Long day! Very tired from Monday night’s workout. Felt stress, not sure why. Wanted to eat – from stress and fatigue. Felt good to just stick to plan and go home. I did miss the gym, but I really had no energy for it. Long days and nights with no sleep will do that to a girl.

Day 3 – VERY STRESSFUL DAY!! Came home to healthy food after dentist appointment. Had nap with plans for spinning later. Was awoken by a phone call of yet another layoff in our house. #6 in 12 years. Torn between wanting to eat, and no appetite at all. Scared to death.

Day 4 – Dealing with reality. Bought really flattering pants at Lululemon. Had awesome training session. It was even harder than Monday’s. It feels good to be challenged, and realize I am doing things I couldn’t have done in February. ie. walking lunges are now done with 10 pound weights when I started off with 5. I’m starting to see definition, but would really like to see fat loss. Sticking with this challenge will help me get to my fat loss goals. 4 days now of eating proper, working out, journalling it all, logging all food and workouts, taking vitamins nightly. Real challenge will be Friday night at Ginny’s.

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