Out With The Old, In With The New

Yesterday I bid farewell to my first Jetta. I can remember wanting a Jetta for quite some time, and in 2005 I finally leased my first one. I guess I always equated it with some semblance of status, so in that regard I had reached the status I had been wanting. I’m not sure where it comes from to be honest, maybe it’s because my boss in the only office job I held drove one. So, August 27 2005 I drove my first Jetta off the lot in Georgetown – and direct to an anime convention.

Yesterday I drove my second Jetta, off that same lot, and left my first behind. This time I drove it home, and then later to work. Less exciting, but definitely more accurate to it’s normal use.

I had contemplated getting a Rabbit or a Beetle, but I loved my Jetta too much to abandon it for a different model. The only reason it was being returned is it was getting up in lease mileage, and was about to need some big repairs I didn’t want to fund – brakes, tires. The road to getting this Jetta was full of bumps, but the point is, it’s all mine now!

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