Finding Passions

I’ve spent a fair amount of time worrying lately about never really knowing where my passions lie. I feel like lately I’m so apathetic towards so many things that I have no idea what lights my fires within. Work is work – it’s a job. The politics have taken so much away from what enjoyment can be found in the job. I look at others enviously who do what they love, and love what they do. Some of my attitude is a byproduct of the environment I work in, where there is no incentive to excel, or go the extra mile. It’s human nature to want to be rewarded for the extra, and there comes a point where personal reward and satisfaction can only go so far. My other issue is I have reached a level of comfort at work – I have decent senority with decent scheduling options, I have a decent amount of vacation, I have a good pension plan that will look after me when I can finally retire, and I make a wage I am content with. Who wouldn’t want more really? But I am content and can live a comfortable life.

Last night, Steve and I spent a lot of time talking about my predicament. And the more we spoke, the more I realized my passions are right underneath my nose, and what’s more, they’ve been present since I was in my teens in high school, I just didn’t realize and articulate it. I did a co-op placement in physio hoping to deal in athletic injuries and rehab, only to deal in stroke rehab – which bored me to tears, and was highly depressing to me as well. Fitness and nutrition have become a cornerstone of my life. Nutrition counseling and athletic rehab perhaps in my future? I realize now I should have pursued a degree in Kinesiology. Now I’m in the process of locating a university that will allow me to pursue this degree on a part time basis. I have decided I will get my CanFitPro certification in both personal training and nutrition specialist. From there, who knows. In my fantasy land – it would be as an athletic trainer for an NFL franchise. Athletics, rehab, wellness, NFL and travel. Could life be any more perfect?!

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