21 Day Challenge – Days 2-4

I’ve skipped a few days of journalling through this challenge. I’ll see what I can do to jot down some notes here to make it easier when it comes time for me to work on the album..

Day 2 – Long day! Very tired from Monday night’s workout. Felt stress, not sure why. Wanted to eat – from stress and fatigue. Felt good to just stick to plan and go home. I did miss the gym, but I really had no energy for it. Long days and nights with no sleep will do that to a girl.

Day 3 – VERY STRESSFUL DAY!! Came home to healthy food after dentist appointment. Had nap with plans for spinning later. Was awoken by a phone call of yet another layoff in our house. #6 in 12 years. Torn between wanting to eat, and no appetite at all. Scared to death.

Day 4 – Dealing with reality. Bought really flattering pants at Lululemon. Had awesome training session. It was even harder than Monday’s. It feels good to be challenged, and realize I am doing things I couldn’t have done in February. ie. walking lunges are now done with 10 pound weights when I started off with 5. I’m starting to see definition, but would really like to see fat loss. Sticking with this challenge will help me get to my fat loss goals. 4 days now of eating proper, working out, journalling it all, logging all food and workouts, taking vitamins nightly. Real challenge will be Friday night at Ginny’s.

Out With The Old, In With The New

Yesterday I bid farewell to my first Jetta. I can remember wanting a Jetta for quite some time, and in 2005 I finally leased my first one. I guess I always equated it with some semblance of status, so in that regard I had reached the status I had been wanting. I’m not sure where it comes from to be honest, maybe it’s because my boss in the only office job I held drove one. So, August 27 2005 I drove my first Jetta off the lot in Georgetown – and direct to an anime convention.

Yesterday I drove my second Jetta, off that same lot, and left my first behind. This time I drove it home, and then later to work. Less exciting, but definitely more accurate to it’s normal use.

I had contemplated getting a Rabbit or a Beetle, but I loved my Jetta too much to abandon it for a different model. The only reason it was being returned is it was getting up in lease mileage, and was about to need some big repairs I didn’t want to fund – brakes, tires. The road to getting this Jetta was full of bumps, but the point is, it’s all mine now!

Finding Passions

I’ve spent a fair amount of time worrying lately about never really knowing where my passions lie. I feel like lately I’m so apathetic towards so many things that I have no idea what lights my fires within. Work is work – it’s a job. The politics have taken so much away from what enjoyment can be found in the job. I look at others enviously who do what they love, and love what they do. Some of my attitude is a byproduct of the environment I work in, where there is no incentive to excel, or go the extra mile. It’s human nature to want to be rewarded for the extra, and there comes a point where personal reward and satisfaction can only go so far. My other issue is I have reached a level of comfort at work – I have decent senority with decent scheduling options, I have a decent amount of vacation, I have a good pension plan that will look after me when I can finally retire, and I make a wage I am content with. Who wouldn’t want more really? But I am content and can live a comfortable life.

Last night, Steve and I spent a lot of time talking about my predicament. And the more we spoke, the more I realized my passions are right underneath my nose, and what’s more, they’ve been present since I was in my teens in high school, I just didn’t realize and articulate it. I did a co-op placement in physio hoping to deal in athletic injuries and rehab, only to deal in stroke rehab – which bored me to tears, and was highly depressing to me as well. Fitness and nutrition have become a cornerstone of my life. Nutrition counseling and athletic rehab perhaps in my future? I realize now I should have pursued a degree in Kinesiology. Now I’m in the process of locating a university that will allow me to pursue this degree on a part time basis. I have decided I will get my CanFitPro certification in both personal training and nutrition specialist. From there, who knows. In my fantasy land – it would be as an athletic trainer for an NFL franchise. Athletics, rehab, wellness, NFL and travel. Could life be any more perfect?!