Going to Mexico – aka the waiting game..

Shortly after returning home from the Michigan weekend, DH took me to dinner. It was over dinner that he not only admitted to asking for vacation time from his current job, but that it was approved, and thus, our anniversary tradition trip to Puerto Vallarta shall continue for another year. By this time next week I’ll either be wearing a strip into the floor at the base from pacing aching for the time to pass, or I’ll be grabbing some much needed zzzzz’s to prepare for a busy travel day ahead of me.

I’m famous for last minute booking vacations. In fact, of all the trips I’ve taken, only one has been booked more than a week in advance – It was for Christmas, and 2 weeks in advance, and I panicked one Sunday morning, which turned out to be a good thing because it sold out shortly thereafter. The good thing about booking last minute is you tend to get the best deals, but it’s a gamble that said deal may be sold out when it comes time to book. Travel savvy me has a way of keeping an eye on availability so it’s a little easier to play the waiting game. However, this time I find myself just wanting to book, I want the security to know for sure that I will be going where I want, when I want. Call it a byproduct of it being far too long in between vacations. Since we started traveling some 2 years ago, it’s never been this long in between trips for us, and I’ve found it hard. So I will continue to play the waiting game for a bit. I’m not sure how long I plan on playing it, mind you. At best the price will probably drop only another $20/ea – but that $40 could be well spent on vacation things, like dinner on the beach at Meson Bay…or sea turtles…or a night on the town in PV…or or or….

Right now, I just want to get there, and slip into the vacation mindset. I do it up to the max, right down to refusing to wear a watch for the week because who cares what time it is. One small exception is I like to still have some semblance of internet so I can check email and keep in touch on my terms with the rest of the world back home. I have a few small excursions planned that I’d like to do, including taking in the Malecon on Sunday, because I’ve never really been able to, as well as a day trip to Punta de Mita. I love the idea of visiting a small surfer town, renting some beach chairs, having a bucket of Coronas on the beach while sampling some fish tacos. Finally, I need to book a sea turtle tour, because DH still hasn’t been able to take part in such an incredible experience.

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