A Good Day Today

Since I blogged on my other blog, I figured I probably should blog here.

Since my last day in Nashville, the stuff of life for me has taken a significant turn for the worse, and as such, I’ve spent most days in a fog of hate, melancholy, self loathing and anger. Today was the first day since then that I’ve had any glimmer of being happy with me, my world, and my presence in my world. It took something so small as tackling a few things around the house that have been bothersome to me, as well as enlisting some help. Enter Vera, my new cleaning lady. Knowing my house will be well cleaned every 2 weeks by someone other than me is a really great feeling. It also means that it will be easier to list my house when the time comes because it will have been receiving regular cleanings. I also finally found some hardwood I really want for the house and within a price range that would keep me happy too. Now I’m all about getting it in and done so I can keep taking steps towards listing this house and moving. I truly want to be an Oakville resident by this time next year.

It’s amazing when you think sometimes of how quickly life can change. I’m talking about making 2 major changes in my life by this time next year, with an even greater ultimate goal 5 years down the road to be in Sedona Arizona in a new career. And none of that takes into account my current state of turmoil which could change things in an instant. I have so many mixed emotions – excitement, terror, uncertainty, etc. I really do feel that is one of the best places for me to live. The climate is dry and warm and sunny, no snow, minimal rain. I’m excited at the thought of never having to battle my Seasonal Affective Disorder ever again. None of this is a done deal by any stretch, right now just a pipe dream. Sometimes it’s the pipe dreams that keep getting us out of bed day after day.