Today was one of the busiest days I’ve had at work in a while, with an hour and a half overtime to boot. We were non-stop from 10:30 this morning, and actually had a pretty sick patient. That said, there was an even sicker and more interesting case at one of the hospitals when we were on an offload delay. It was really neat to watch everyone (nurses, residents, interns, respiratory therapists, anaesthesiologists, etc.) work so hard together to try to create a good outcome for this patient. Everyone gets into a healthcare profession hoping to make a difference, they were actually doing it. It’s sad it’s such a rarity in reality.

I’ve been wanting to blog for the last few days, and figured I’d get some time tonight, but I’m so pooped my poor brain can’t focus long enough to string more than a few words together. In fact, that above paragraph was really breaking my brain just to formulate it. I will definitely have a better update after a little rest. I’m really excited, Kevin is making us breakfast tomorrow. I’m so going to miss that next year.

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