Going to Michigan

A spontaneous decision made by DH on Sunday has us trekking to Michigan this weekend. His Irish are playing the Wolverines, and we managed to find some somewhat reasonably priced scalped tickets. He also thinks a little change of geography might do us some good. I’m not fully sold on that, but will never pass up the chance to go cross border shopping either. I truly am going all about the shop. I’m mostly indifferent about the football, aside from perhaps being able to say I went, but that’s truly about it. I spent tonight planning all the stops in a google map, and I’ll plug them into a TomTom itinerary before we go. My main purpose this time is going to be scrapbook related, because I figure my November trip will be about a winter wardrobe that fits (and whatever other deals I can get my grubby little mitts on).

I’d like to say that getting away will help me face my stresses with greater clarity, but I think it will amplify some as well. I’m always a cash flow worrier, and since I haven’t paid off CKU and Grove City yet (but probably will next week), I think my stresses will outweigh my shopping urges. Realistically I know I actually have a lot of time to not only pay off what I want, but to save up for my November shopping trip as well. Knowing I could shop with reckless abandon would normally make me giddy, but in this case it only serves as a painful reminder that I will be spending a little over 2 weeks bumbling about the house in October on yet another useless vacation, and daily I get travel email reminders – that only serve to remind me I won’t be traveling any time soon through no fault of my own, which only serves to depress me further. Looking at scrapbook albums and photos today was just plain brutal. I need to get away – away away, not shopping, but to relax, recharge, rejuvenate, refresh. I honestly haven’t ruled out trying to find me a last minute companion for my second week in October, or tagging along briefly with Carm when she goes to Vegas at the end of my vacation. I need that far more than I need a new winter wardrobe. I’ve also had these delusions of trying to arrange a brunch one Sunday for my friends and or family to come over – just cuz – cuz I love brunch and it’s been a while since I’ve entertained, but feel like I’m running out of time to do it before the holidays arrive in earnest. And see, my pipe dreams of getting away somewhere in October would put a dent in that already limited time as well. Finally, there was also a bunch of stuff I wanted to do around the house before Vera arrives on the 25th, and I’m now eliminating my last weekend off to do it.

What this truly all boils down to right now is night shift feisty-ness that has been known to happen on occasion. It is only amplified by all the multitudes of other crap I’ve been dealing with for months now. I’ve nearly lost it on so many people over the last 24 hours – in some cases I’ve restrained, in others I’ve been unable to hold back. It’s amazing how a little sleep deprivation will make me so irritable. Today I’ve just been a bump on a log that could barely hold interest in anything and getting out of my jammies was my biggest chore of the day. My day off tomorrow doesn’t get much better – a date with a scale, followed by an afternoon in a dentist chair. I may try to meet up with a gf for coffee or something after – or I may just go solo and sit with my thoughts, and a good cup of joe….

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