Battling Lisa Bearnson

At the end of August, I made the mistake of purchasing one of the Kits of the Month from the Lisa Bearnson website. After writing to express my displeasure that they held onto my order for 3 weeks prior to shipping only to receive a form letter in reply, I am sharing the email threads for all to follow. Second rate customer service should never be tolerated.

Original Message:
Sent: 9/28/2007
Subject: Digital Sampler Kit – Order ID 1188437280.062465_0


I am writing to express my concerns with the level of customer service provided on this order.

According to my receipt, I ordered this item on August 29, 2007. The invoice included with the order reflects that order date as well, with a processed date of August 30, 2007. However, my customs green tag on the envelope is dated September 12, 2007, nearly 2 weeks later. Finally, the postmark on the envelope is dated September 18, 2007, reflecting that you held on to my item for another 6 days prior to posting it – and now approaching the 3 week mark after payment had been received. To me, that is absolutely unacceptable and inexcusable for an item that has already been paid for with a Visa card. In my eyes, there was *no* reason to delay posting the item. My item arrived on September 26, 2007, nearly one month after the purchase was made. While I will admit you cannot be held responsible for the length of time an item will take to arrive across an international border after it has been posted, you are absolutely responsible for the length of time it takes to “process” and post said order.

I am a repeat customer and have purchased a kit of the month in the past and received better service, which only further proves my belief that this 3 week shipping delay is an unacceptable level of customer service. Would anyone at your firm care to offer a reasonable explanation for a 3 week shipping delay? I will absolutely remember this experience in the future should I consider further kit of the month purchases, and I will be sharing my experience with my fellow scrapbookers as it is only fair they are aware of the declining client service.

Best Wishes,
xxxx yyyyyyy

Dear xxxx yyyyyyyy,

We apologize, for international orders we ask to allow 3-4 weeks for delivery of your item. We do apologize for any frustration this has caused.

Shantel Andy
Customer Service

**Please include all previous emails when replying**

My so-far unanswered reply…

I wish to clarify then, you offer no explanation whatsoever as to why it took someone in your warehouse 3 weeks to place a CD in a cardboard mailer. Duly noted. Let it also be noted, that nowhere in the FAQ section on the website does it suggest that international orders will take 3-4 weeks to arrive, however I did find that you have been falsely advertising how quickly you will ship orders.
“When can I expect to receive my kit?
Orders will be shipped within three business days of receipt.”

That would be a direct quote from YOUR FAQ section on YOUR website. I would highly recommend you change your website to reflect a more accurate shipping date of 3 weeks not days. Alternatively, you could just ship things out in 3 days like the website says. Might I remind you as well, that on the invoice in my kit, as well as on your website you say “Your feedback is valued and we will use it to continue to make the Kit of the Month a better experience for you.”, but my concern was not addressed at all, nor was there any suggestion that things would be improved based on my taking the time to provide you the feedback about the service or lack thereof I have received. And now, based on your form letter reply that fails to accept any responsibility for poor service on your part, I question if there will be any further opportunities for you to provide me with any future Kit of the Month experiences.

May I also point out to you that of the 5 kits of the month offered, only one kit has sold out. That suggests to me you may wish to put a little more value into not only first time buyers, but repeat clients. Simple customer service would have resolved this matter and gone a long way towards client retention. Alas, such was not the case.

xxxx yyyyyyyy

Scrapbooker of the Year

So CK has finally released all the details about this year’s Scrapbooker of the Year – even though Ali had already mentioned some of it on her blog earlier in the week. I got excited when I read that her work is “taking scrapbooking by storm” well I needed to see this. I always love to see fresh new styles. I had been admiring CD’s work in the magazines for a little bit before she was announced as SOY – really working the hybrid aspect, really rocking PS to create some awesome stuff with a little bit of good old fashioned down and dirty play with embellishments. I don’t mean to sound like a jerk, but if you were hoping for someone with the freshness CD brings, you probably won’t get it from Elizabeth. It’s not to say her work isn’t nice, but from the 2 layouts I’ve seen, it doesn’t live up to the promise. That said, I watched her video from when she was announced as winner, as well as read her blog post about it. It must be an absolutely incredible feeling. I think someone would have to pick me up off the ground if I won anything scrapbook contest wise, much less anything as big as Scrapbooker of the Year. So no disrespect Elizabeth, your work is good, just not as bold, fresh and unique as I was hoping. Perhaps that will change as I see more of your work than just the 2 layouts posted on the CK site. In any event, I’m sure I’ll probably meet you at one of the CKU’s next year. Perhaps I’m a bit spoiled with the 2peas gallery. There are some seriously creative and talented scrapbookers in there. Which is completely why I’m still too chickenshit to post anything of mine.


Today was one of the busiest days I’ve had at work in a while, with an hour and a half overtime to boot. We were non-stop from 10:30 this morning, and actually had a pretty sick patient. That said, there was an even sicker and more interesting case at one of the hospitals when we were on an offload delay. It was really neat to watch everyone (nurses, residents, interns, respiratory therapists, anaesthesiologists, etc.) work so hard together to try to create a good outcome for this patient. Everyone gets into a healthcare profession hoping to make a difference, they were actually doing it. It’s sad it’s such a rarity in reality.

I’ve been wanting to blog for the last few days, and figured I’d get some time tonight, but I’m so pooped my poor brain can’t focus long enough to string more than a few words together. In fact, that above paragraph was really breaking my brain just to formulate it. I will definitely have a better update after a little rest. I’m really excited, Kevin is making us breakfast tomorrow. I’m so going to miss that next year.

Currently Liking…

…Sex and the City re-runs (and upset I never really did watch it while it was originally airing)

…Oprah and Friends on XM radio. I normally dislike talk radio as a rule, but I’ve spent a lot of time listening to it since the arrival of the XM in my car. Heck, may as well add the XM to the list as well.

…my Tommy Hilfiger bedsheets and towels. The towels are so amazingly plush and absorbent, and the sheets are the Tshirt material, and so cozy to sleep in. And anyone who knows me knows I’m a girl who loves her sleep.

…Yankee Candle Company big jar candle in Autumn Wreath Scent.

…Watching the leaves change colour.

Going to Michigan

A spontaneous decision made by DH on Sunday has us trekking to Michigan this weekend. His Irish are playing the Wolverines, and we managed to find some somewhat reasonably priced scalped tickets. He also thinks a little change of geography might do us some good. I’m not fully sold on that, but will never pass up the chance to go cross border shopping either. I truly am going all about the shop. I’m mostly indifferent about the football, aside from perhaps being able to say I went, but that’s truly about it. I spent tonight planning all the stops in a google map, and I’ll plug them into a TomTom itinerary before we go. My main purpose this time is going to be scrapbook related, because I figure my November trip will be about a winter wardrobe that fits (and whatever other deals I can get my grubby little mitts on).

I’d like to say that getting away will help me face my stresses with greater clarity, but I think it will amplify some as well. I’m always a cash flow worrier, and since I haven’t paid off CKU and Grove City yet (but probably will next week), I think my stresses will outweigh my shopping urges. Realistically I know I actually have a lot of time to not only pay off what I want, but to save up for my November shopping trip as well. Knowing I could shop with reckless abandon would normally make me giddy, but in this case it only serves as a painful reminder that I will be spending a little over 2 weeks bumbling about the house in October on yet another useless vacation, and daily I get travel email reminders – that only serve to remind me I won’t be traveling any time soon through no fault of my own, which only serves to depress me further. Looking at scrapbook albums and photos today was just plain brutal. I need to get away – away away, not shopping, but to relax, recharge, rejuvenate, refresh. I honestly haven’t ruled out trying to find me a last minute companion for my second week in October, or tagging along briefly with Carm when she goes to Vegas at the end of my vacation. I need that far more than I need a new winter wardrobe. I’ve also had these delusions of trying to arrange a brunch one Sunday for my friends and or family to come over – just cuz – cuz I love brunch and it’s been a while since I’ve entertained, but feel like I’m running out of time to do it before the holidays arrive in earnest. And see, my pipe dreams of getting away somewhere in October would put a dent in that already limited time as well. Finally, there was also a bunch of stuff I wanted to do around the house before Vera arrives on the 25th, and I’m now eliminating my last weekend off to do it.

What this truly all boils down to right now is night shift feisty-ness that has been known to happen on occasion. It is only amplified by all the multitudes of other crap I’ve been dealing with for months now. I’ve nearly lost it on so many people over the last 24 hours – in some cases I’ve restrained, in others I’ve been unable to hold back. It’s amazing how a little sleep deprivation will make me so irritable. Today I’ve just been a bump on a log that could barely hold interest in anything and getting out of my jammies was my biggest chore of the day. My day off tomorrow doesn’t get much better – a date with a scale, followed by an afternoon in a dentist chair. I may try to meet up with a gf for coffee or something after – or I may just go solo and sit with my thoughts, and a good cup of joe….


I have no idea what’s gotten into me, but I largely blame Ali Edwards. All I want to do lately is just create stuff – scrapbook, altered items, mini albums, you name it! I’ve been spending a lot of time getting down and dirty (literally) just creating, and when I’m not doing that, I’m browsing galleries to farm for more creative ideas.

I’m also really excited to be doing things like decorating my house for the upcoming seasons. This is definitely completely out of character for me because it never used to matter to me. I’ve only barely started a little bit of fall decorating, but it’s been fun, and it makes me happy to see my house with fall things. I know I won’t feel the same way towards the winter. Clearly I live in the wrong climate for me.

It seems my main word of late, Simplify, is getting a new addition…