Starting Fresh!

I’ve just joined an awesome new to me blog with this google/blogger account. As such, I’ve edited previous posts here out to just reflect a new fresh start. Blogging has always been a catharsis for me, and will, in turn, likely be quite flat for anyone who should be reading – however, I’ve always said my blog is for me, and if it is not to your taste feel free to keep passing on.

I need to commit to maintaining a blog beyond my diet blog, which is great, but is taking the form of a daily rather than health/diet/fitness focus. Also, one of the things I am growing to dislike about the diet community is their perpetual need for support – which admittedly got me through my toughest days, but living the life of a maintainer and seeing the numerous hallmark pitfalls day in and day out it becomes draining – not to mention nobody who is actively losing truly wants to support a maintainer. Suffice to say, on so many levels I no longer blend there, but still enjoy blogging, and still enjoy some of the online relationships I’ve developed there. I know I won’t abandon it completely, and if I become too MIA from here, chances are I’ve blogged at least once there.

Anyways, here is the new revised me … Hola!

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