Well, last evening I made it home from a great week at CKU Nashville. The drive was long, no thanks to a 2 hour detour in Ohio from the interstate being closed and 3 lanes of traffic being re-routed to a single lane country road. Kentucky was just as beautiful as Kevin promised it would be, and the southern hospitality in Nashville is not just a fable, but the real deal. The whiskey flows like water, and there is no shortage of biscuits, gravy and grits. The southerners do make a better pulled pork than I’ve encountered here. My feet are enjoying a well earned rest after the many miles they pulled within the grounds of the Gaylord Opryland.

I got quite involved with this CKU and took part in 4 swaps and a dorm, and attended the 2peas dinner that I missed out on in Detroit thanks to my shopping addiction. I met some amazing women, and hope to keep in contact with them now that we are all safely home. I had the pleasure of spending the day in Ali Edwards’ album track. My album isn’t close to completion, but it was a fantastic day and I’ll enjoy working on it through the next few months. I don’t get nearly enough free time to scrap at home, but the winter is coming, which usually means less events and more free time for me. I took 2 Rusty Pickle classes. I really like the projects, however these were 2 insanely rushed classes – one project is perhaps 1/4 complete after a 90 minute class, the other is a lot closer to being done, however also incomplete. I’ve spent today leisurely working on my Stemma mini album “One Day, One Week, One Month, One Year“. My Tim Holtz Memories Under Glass project was the only one I completed in Nashville in the workshop time. I mostly completed the Fancy Pants layout, it just requires a photo. That workshop was probably my greatest disappointment as I had hoped to learn some new techniques, but did not.

Our trip home had us traveling up through West Virginia; breathtakingly beautiful, and Pennsylvania, with a stop in Grove City for some shopping. I am happy to report I am now the proud owner of my first Coach purse! I shall covet no longer as I do now own! I also picked up 2 pair of pants, a sweater and some sweet shoes, but the highlight for me is definitely the Coach.

Last night was spent putting my scrapspace back together. I have an unbelievable collection of patterned paper, a whole lot of awesome embellishments, and more loot than you can shake a stick at. I almost feel like I’m already outgrowing my scrapspace – but that just means I’m going to have to keep well organized, and find a better solution for my paper (as well as forever being on the hunt for new solutions for all my other loot as it all grows). I’m thinking 2 store in style cubes with the paper dividers, one for patterned paper, the other for cardstock.

Back to work tomorrow for 2 day shifts, then off for the long weekend to return Monday night on nights. I’m feeling a great need to purge unnecessary clutter and things at home. I think my motto for the next little bit will be Simplify. I ache for a simpler life at times. Perhaps that’s why I crave to move to a place like Arizona…

Starting Fresh!

I’ve just joined an awesome new to me blog with this google/blogger account. As such, I’ve edited previous posts here out to just reflect a new fresh start. Blogging has always been a catharsis for me, and will, in turn, likely be quite flat for anyone who should be reading – however, I’ve always said my blog is for me, and if it is not to your taste feel free to keep passing on.

I need to commit to maintaining a blog beyond my diet blog, which is great, but is taking the form of a daily rather than health/diet/fitness focus. Also, one of the things I am growing to dislike about the diet community is their perpetual need for support – which admittedly got me through my toughest days, but living the life of a maintainer and seeing the numerous hallmark pitfalls day in and day out it becomes draining – not to mention nobody who is actively losing truly wants to support a maintainer. Suffice to say, on so many levels I no longer blend there, but still enjoy blogging, and still enjoy some of the online relationships I’ve developed there. I know I won’t abandon it completely, and if I become too MIA from here, chances are I’ve blogged at least once there.

Anyways, here is the new revised me … Hola!