ScrapMuch? DT Call!

I’m a bit delayed in posting this – but if you’ve been to the ScrapMuch? blog you probably already know… We’re having a DT Call! If you love working with sketches and want to share your work to inspire others there’s still time to apply!

We are looking for an undetermined number of designers whom will be a blend of some of our current teammates as well as new design team members, to create layouts based on our Sketch-y Friday challenges.

Each of our new design team members will be added to one of our 2 teams, with each team responsible for creating samples for 2 of our sketch challenges per month!

If you are a loyal and committed scrapper that loves using sketches as a jumping off point for your layouts, read on…..

Design Team Requirements:
  • create 2 layouts per month, using the sketches provided
  • post our badge on your blog (yes you must be a blogger)
  • become a member of our private Facebook group (this is how we communicate as a team)
  • submit your layouts to us on or before the designated due dates
  • post the ScrapMuch? sketch and your layout, along with a link to the ScrapMuch? blog on your blog  on the day of our reveal (Fridays)
  • share your blog posts on your Facebook page
  • comment on entries, as assigned (this is a must)
  • you do not need to be exclusive to ScrapMuch?, you can belong to one other sketch DT or unlimited other challenge DT’s, however you may not belong to any other scrapbook store DT’s (this includes GDT spots.)
  • you must be loyal and committed to promoting ScrapMuch?

This call is open to scrappers in Canada and the U.S., you do not need to have Design Team experience to apply, all applications will be considered.  The term will run for 6 months, from May 1st, 2015 until October 31, 2015.  Compensation provided in the form of a store discount.

To apply, create a layout using one of our March 2015 sketches.  Send a high quality photo of your layout along with the following information to Laura via email at, before our March 29th, 2015 deadline.  Please put ScrapMuch? DT Call in the subject line.

Also include:

  • 2 of your favourite layouts, we would love to see what you think best represents your style!!  If you love 2 page layouts be sure to share one of those as well, as you know we offer a two page sketch each month
  • past or present DT experience (though none is necessary)
  • a link to your blog
  • your full name and address

Selected entrants will be notified via email, by April 7th and the new team will be announced on our blog on April 27th.  New team members will be expected to participate in the May 1st or 8th reveal according to the team you are slotted into.

Be sure  to link it up your application layout for your chance at our March prize, using our Inlinkz tool on the left hand side bar.

Purrfect – ScrapMuch? Sketch-y Friday Reveal

Hello friends! It’s Lucky Friday the 13th and it’s time for another ScrapMuch? Team A Sketch-y Friday reveal!

My last few weeks have been super busy and super challenging and I’m actually blogging on the fly from the airport right now.  This layout is bittersweet for me because I was working on it one of my last nights with my sweet Socksie in my scraproom.  Maybe it’s a bit fitting, I’m not sure yet. When I got Socksie and Matisse the digital era wasn’t really upon us, and now I have the luxury of being able to digitally document Bella and Tiffany as they grow in the family.

By luck? kismet? serendipity? I welcomed Bella and Tiffany into my home on the same day, and snapped our first selfies as their furmomma (first of many I’m sure!). So without further adieu, I present Purrfect. And at the same time, introducing my dear sweet Bella and Tiffany! Bella is the black kitty from the local SPCA (yes, I am a proud rescue furmomma again), and Tiffany is the blue point Siamese kitten from a local home breeder. They have stolen our hearts and have brought us so much much-needed joy during some times of deep sadness. Bella had her name from the SPCA and was 8 months old at the time of adoption, and Tiffany was but 7 weeks old and named for my favourite jewelry store, and a wonderful movie too.

Supplies used: Cardstock-Bazzill Basics, Stampin’ UP!; Patterned paper-Bo Bunny; Ribbon-Pink Paislee; Die cuts-Simple Stories; Stamp-Dear Lizzy for American Crafts; Ink-Stampin’ UP!; Wood letters-Pink Paislee; Pen-American Crafts.

Here is the sketch we had to work with this week:

So now it’s your turn! Hop on over to the ScrapMuch? blog for some Team A inspiration. Craft your own layout and share it with us and you have a chance to win an awesome ScrapMuch? Prize!

Here is a run down of our Sketch-y Friday rules.  Just link up your creations in our sidebar to be entered into a random draw for our monthly prize.    You have until March 29th, at midnight to participate in any of  this month’s sketch challenges, each linkup tool will remain open until that date!

If you are playing along with more than one challenge you will need to link each of them up via a separate blog post for the link up tool to work. (International participants may be required to pay some shipping fees.)  Good luck, we cannot wait to see what you create!

*note – If you are playing along using Flickr the team will no longer be leaving comments, due to changes in Flickr policies and passwords.  However, we will be checking out your entries for sure and you are definitely eligible for the prize draw. Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.



Breakfast At Gabi’s – ScrapMuch? Sketch-y Friday Reveal

The shortest month of the year is almost in the rearview and we’re already rolling with the March Sketch-y Friday reveals at ScrapMuch?

Since this is our first March reveal, it’s a 2 page layout to start the month! Today’s layout features a spectacular breakfast I enjoyed on my last trip to Las Vegas at Mon Ami Gabi. They have amazing coffee, my blueberry french toast was incredible, and so was my patio view as I watched the strip slowly wake up. I’ve had dinner on the patio at Mon Ami Gabi on a previous trip and it was a treat to watch the Bellagio fountains and people watch, but breakfast has an entirely different feel. Both were amazing though. The reason for all the Eiffel Towers on my layout is because Mon Ami Gabi is at the Paris hotel.

Here is the page I created:
Breakfast At Gabi's
Supplies Used: Cardstock-American Crafts, Bazzill Basics; Patterned Paper-Heidi Swapp, Stampin’ UP!, Teresa Collins; Embellishments-Simple Stories, Teresa Collins, Fancy Pants, Basic Grey; Mist-Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist; Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher; Silhouette Cameo; Tim Holtz Distress Ink.

I even have a few fun detail shots for you this month!

Gabi Detail 2
Gabi Detail 3
I cut the Eiffel Tower with my Silhouette using some Teresa Collins dictionary paper patterned paper. Since the paper was really stark based on the rest of the palette I just inked it up.
Gabi Detail 1
Another fun Eiffel Tower brad from Teresa Collins that I cut the “wings” off and just pop dotted the brad.

Here is our inspiration sketch:

And now it’s your turn! Hop on over to the ScrapMuch? blog and see what the rest of Team A has created for your inspiration. Then create your own and make sure you link up and share with us by the end of the month for a chance to win an awesome ScrapMuch? prize.

Thanks for popping by.

Socksie, Sweet Sweet Socksie <3


As I type this, my 19 1/2 year old cat is sleeping on my pillow, just as she does most every night. This is her last night on my pillow and my healing heart is shattering into a million tiny pieces again. It’s only been 7 weeks since we lost Matisse and it all just feels too soon.

Socks came into my life in October of 1997. I’d just started college and wanted to get a cat. I was living in my own space and could finally get a pet of my own. I had a rabbit at this point, but I wanted something a little more “train-able” and snuggleable. Rabbits are great pets, they’re just not a cat nor a dog. I’d loved cats for years. My best friend growing up always had a lot of cats in her home. I also cat-sat for one of the neighbours, but never a cat of my own. I wanted a tuxedo cat, and I wanted to name her Socks. My mom found me one for adoption at Super Pet in Brampton. I went that weekend to meet her when Steve and I went to visit his parents for the weekend from the city. The humane society thought she was only 1 or 2, and she was found abandoned with a litter of kittens. They had no problems adopting out her kittens, but she was a tougher sell. Though all the staff said she was their favourite of all the kitties in there. I wasn’t sure about her in that little adoption room. She was older than I wanted, and she didn’t seem overly playful, but Steve assured me it was probably a good choice given our small apartment, and with never having a cat before a kitten might prove too challenging for a first cat. I adopted her on the spot. We made a brief stop at Steve’s parents before going back to our apartment in the city. Once I let her out of the carrier in the city she began to prance knead and purr all over the apartment. Steve called her a purr factory. I just thought she was purrfect. And she does have the most amazing purr. It was like she knew she was in a good home, and she was happy. That made my heart happy.

We bonded very quickly. Steve taught her to let me sleep in. I taught her how awesome it was to share my cereal milk with her. She’d usually sit patiently in front of me until I was done my cereal and happily lap at my milk, other times she’d get impatient and dive in while I was still eating. During that time she also became a total nip-head. One night I forgot to secure the baggie of nip and she found it… so much so that she passed out on top of her scratching post and fell off it when she woke up. Party animal. I so wanted her to love me that I gave her too many Pounce that it stopped being a treat for her and she lost interest in treats for a while. We discovered early on that she had likely been abused by a male. This poor girl just had such a rough start to life. I was committed to giving her the best life possible, in a house full of love, warmth, affection. I’ve said it many times, rescue is a promise not a verb.

After our Toronto apartment, she joined us for a few months at Steve’s parents house while we looked for our next space. It was there we discovered she was very allergic to vaccines and nearly lost her. We then rented a home in Inglewood, and soon added a dog. Socks and the rabbit were great friends, and I have some old pictures of them drinking from the Christmas tree water together. Socks didn’t love the dog. Then we bought our first house in Brampton, took Socks and the dog (the rabbit had passed about a year before we moved) and 2 months later added our beloved Matisse.


Such a pretty, sweet girl. Socks is the most mild mannered, sweet, affectionate kitty. She’s a momma’s girl. She’s had her share of health problems through the years – she needed dental surgery ~12 years ago, she continued to be deathly allergic to vaccines, she also had a brief chronic condition that saw her at the vets frequently for a very unpleasant procedure and never once did she complain, growl, hiss, scratch or bite. My sweetheart. We have been inseparable. We spend every night snuggled up together on the couch, and she spends most nights on my pillow like I already mentioned.


Before moving to Brantford, our old vets told us she had the beginnings of renal failure and to switch her diet to senior food. After moving to Brantford and getting to know the Charing Cross Cat Clinic, they wanted to do more dental surgery on her and did another blood workup on her pre-surgery. They found her to have advanced renal failure and wanted to put her on a med that would slow the progression of the disease. We tried it for a good month but it was making her very anti-social and distrustful of us and we saw it was taking away from her quality of life. My very social cat became very reclusive. I made the decision that I wanted her quality of life more than her quantity of life and we stopped the meds. Her disease has progressed subtly over the last 5 years with a very slow decline. But she’s also 19, so there’s also a reasonable expectation of aging.

The week after Matissey died she thrived. Her appetite was almost ravenous, she put on some weight, she was looking fabulous. Unfortunately that didn’t last and the last 3 weeks have brought a very fast decline. She has lost tremendous amounts of weight, she’s not eating much, she’s not drinking much, she’s listless and weak. I had truly hoped she could hold on another 2-3 weeks, but it’s not to be. She’s suffering, and my heart can’t bear to see her suffer. Steve always said I’d know when the time was right, and late Monday evening/early Tuesday morning I just knew.

When we added Tiffany and Bella I thought it was good to add 2 together at the same time so I wouldn’t be looking for another kitty after Socks died, I just didn’t think it would be this soon.

In the greatest act of selfless love for my dear sweet Socks (Socksinator, Socksie, and every other nickname we have for her), she will make one last trip to the vet tonight. It will destroy me, but its in her best interest, and I’ve always acted in her best interest. I’ve slept all of 3 hours since I knew it was time because I don’t want to miss out on these last seconds with her. I am once again heartbroken and devastated. We’ve had such a symbiotic relationship over the last 17 years. We have such a deep unique bond. It might have been most evident the night we lost Matisse and I woke up sobbing with overwhelming grief, and she put her paw on my hand and started to purr. She gets me. And I get her. It has been an absolute treat to give her the most loving, warm, happy life; especially given her rough beginnings. I have loved every single second with my sweet girl. I love her striking white whiskers. I love how her paw curls around my finger to hold it. I loved singing “If you’re happy and you know it say meow” with her, and she’d always meow at the right parts. I love that she is an absolute chatterbox and wish I was more fluent in meow. I even love and will miss her incessant “lick licks” she gives to show affection. I love her, so very much. And she knows.


By this time tomorrow she will be reunited with Pendon the rabbit, Jade the dog and her dear friend Matisse. I hope in her heaven there are mice for her to catch, that there are fires to warm herself by, that there is endless nip and treats, that she always has a ray of sunlight to sleep in. I hope she finds Amber because she so loved kitties, and she needs to tell Amber how much she’s missed here on earth. I hope she finds Steve’s dad who totally loved her, even if he always called her Boots not Socks. She may find the extended family dogs of Winston and Clancy and Sam. Maybe even she’ll find my friend Susan’s beloved Buddy and Aruba, even though she wasn’t much of a dog lover. I hope she finds sweet Matissey and gives her a proper goodbye from us and lets her know how much we miss her. Most of all I hope she has the happiest of memories of her time here on earth with her family who loved her so so much and that she never forgets me; as she will forever be in my heart and thoughts.

Sweet dreams my best friend. Sweet dreams.

And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.


~ forever Socksie’s Mom

bloom – ScrapMuch? Sketch-y Friday Reveal

Happy Valentine’s weekend everybody!

It’s time for another Team A ScrapMuch? Sketch-y Friday reveal, and the last February reveal for Team A. Which means spring is right around the corner. I hope.

It’s another week that I’ve dug into my stash and finally started to scrap things I’d been planning for a while. If only I had all the time in the world to scrapbook all my ideas I’d have no stash, full albums, and likely no job (hah!).

I’ve noticed somewhere in my archives that the inspiration sketch becomes a broken image, so I’ll be sharing the sketch last because the broken image irritates me a bunch.

So here is my layout for the week:
Supplies used: Patterned paper – Teresa Collins; Cardstock – DCWV, American Crafts; Stamps – Teresa Collins; Ink – Stampin’ UP!, Ranger; Tab Punch – Teresa Collins; Die Cut Machine – Silhouette Cameo; Twine – CTMH; Button – Teresa Collins; Mist – Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist; Chipboard – Teresa Collins

This picture has a ton of meaning to me, and I bought this paper to go along with this phase in my life. It was a page of tremendous growth and self discovery after a very difficult time. It’s from my first time at High Park for cherry blossom season. It was a time where I was starting to bloom, yet ever fragile, just like the cherry blossoms. There’s a little bit of hope to go with that too – that the trees survive the cold, bitter winter and produce beautiful blooms anyway. So just like life – you can go through some harsh, bitter times to a time of great beauty.

The paper blossoms were cut with my Silhouette and then I used some Tim Holtz distress ink on my splat mat and a waterbrush to create the multi-toned flowers. I learned the technique quite some time ago at one of my scrappy events. Laura has posted a waterbrush tutorial on her blog here.

Here is the inspiration sketch:


So now it’s your turn, of course! Hop on over to the ScrapMuch? blog to see what the rest of the team has created for inspiration this week. Then create your own and link up with us!

Here is a run down of our Sketch-y Friday rules.  Just link up your creations in our sidebar to be entered into a random draw for our monthly prize.    You have until February 28th, at midnight to participate in any of this months sketch challenges, each linkup tool will remain open until that date!

If you are playing along with more than one challenge you will need to link each of them up via a separate blog post for the link up tool to work. (International participants may be required to pay some shipping fees.)  Good luck, we cannot wait to see what you create!

*note – If you are playing along using Flickr the team will no longer be leaving comments, due to changes in Flickr policies and passwords.  However, we will be checking out your entries for sure and you are definitely eligible for the prize draw. Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

ScrapMuch? and Stuck?! Sketches Pairing!

This month ScrapMuch? and Stuck?! Sketches have teamed up for a layout and colour challenge. ScrapMuch? is a frequent sponsor of Stuck?! Sketches. And Stuck?! Sketches invited the ScrapMuch? Design Team to take part in creating some inspiration for the challenge.

I’ve used a lot of Stuck?! Sketches for my non-ScrapMuch? layouts. I’ve taken part in a few challenges. I’m also highly skilled at missing Stuck?!’s deadlines by mere minutes too. I’m always delighted with the layouts I create, so not all is lost!

So here’s the rundown. ScrapMuch? provided the colour challenge, like they run every month. Stuck?! Sketches provided the sketch. You can choose to work with the colour challenge and post just to ScrapMuch? for a chance at a prize. You can choose to work with the sketch and just post to Stuck?! Sketches for a chance to win a prize. OR – You can combine the 2 and submit to both for double the chance to win a prize! Excited yet?!

Here is the ScrapMuch? palette for the colour challenge:

To play along with ScrapMuch?, all you have to do is create a new paper crafted project, of any type, that uses at least 4 of the colours from the colour board and post it on your blog or any other online forum  (ie. your Flickr Account) that you can link us up to, by our deadline of February 28th at midnight.  Then link it using the Inlinkz tool in the sidebar.

Here is the Stuck?! inspiration sketch:

To play along with Stuck?! Sketches, please link up your layouts over in their sidebar by February 28th, 2015 to be in the running for one of their prizes!   All prizes will be drawn randomly using to pick a number.

Please visit this post on Stuck?! Sketches for all the rules for joining in with this sketch challenge.

And here is my take using both the colour challenge and the sketch:
Supplies used: Cardstock-Bazzill Basics; Patterned Paper-October Afternoon; Mist-Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist; Buttons-American Crafts; Journal Card-Simple Stories; Bling-Bazzill Basics; Chipboard-Crate Paper; Die Cut Machine-Silhouette Cameo; Pens-American Crafts, Stampin’ UP!

This pic is from dinner one night at Inspiration Unlimited with some of my favourite scrapbooking ladies (and we’re definitely missing a few from the photo too!). They are a highlight of every scrapbook event for me for several years running now. I don’t just go for the projects and inspiration, I go for the friendship and camaraderie too. The title is fitting, when we get together, we have very Happy Times.

I dug deep into my stash again and used a lot of things I’d been “saving”. I’m learning that it’s far better to just use the stuff as I get it because after saving stuff for years I fall out of love with it and wonder what on earth I ever saw in it in the first place. I also found that the patterns all blended into each other too easily so I just outlined to make each part pop a little.

Thank you Stuck?! Sketches for inviting us to take part in your challenge! Please make sure you stop by both the Stuck?! Sketches and the ScrapMuch? blogs for some crafty inspiration. Of course I’d love for you to work with the 2 challenges and share your creations with us!

Thanks for popping by and have a wonderful weekend! I’ll be back in one week for sure with some more ScrapMuch? Sketch-y Friday inspiration!

Neon Museum – ScrapMuch? Sketch-y Friday

The end of January is already here and that means it’s time for another Team A ScrapMuch? Sketch-y Friday reveal.

In keeping with routine, the first sketch of the month is a 2 page layout.

In full disclosure, I created this layout at the end of December. I was still at home on vacation and wanted to use the time to get “ahead” with my scrappy assignments. It turns out it was a brilliant idea as January has been an extremely difficult month for me and I wasn’t sure I’d find my scrappy mojo anytime soon. So the good news is I have a layout I totally love ready to rock for this week’s reveal. The bad news is I put off taking detail shots and recording all my supplies used and it’s just not going to happen at this point. I’ll wing it and do my best! Most of the products were from my stash anyway, so even if you totally loved them, the only place you’d likely find them is in some scrapaholic stash like mine ;)

So here is my layout:
Neon Museum
Supplies used: Patterned Paper-Echo Park, Bo Bunny; Cardstock-Stampin’ UP!, DCWV, American Crafts; Vellum-Stampin’ UP!; Film Ribbon-Tim Holtz; Washi Tape-Tim Holtz; Buttons-American Crafts; Twine-Bazzill Basics; Dictionary Card-Tim Holtz; Stamps-Tim Holtz, American Crafts Dear Lizzy; Ink-Stampin’ UP!, Tim Holtz Distress; Distress Tool-Tim Holtz; Journal Strips-Teresa Collins; Die Cut Machine-Silhouette Cameo; Title Letters-Tim Holtz; Mist-Tim Holtz.

On my last trip to Las Vegas I booked an evening tour of the Neon Museum and managed to get some amazing photos! The total bummer was once again I forgot my CF card for my SLR so I was relying on my trusty point and shoot as well as my iPhone to get these pictures. I say again, because I did this the year prior when I went to the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon and thankfully realized it after the Hoover Dam and managed to put a card in the camera for the rest of the trip.

I loved seeing the signs, even though not all of them light up anymore. I love the work they do to restore these amazing Las Vegas icons. I did not love that I was perpetually scolded during the tour because I had to lag behind to get clean photos of the signs because I am short and the tour was busy. I was also scolded for my foot touching a barrier rock when I crouched down to get another sign photo. So – signs great, history great, being treated like a delinquent child was not.

The photo on the left is from the Moulin Rouge, arranged to look like it says “in love”. They say many lovers get their pictures taken in front of this sign on the tour. The Stardust sign is simply a Vegas icon, and the movie Casino was loosely based on the history of the Stardust (a different name was used in the movie). The Neon Boneyard park sign sits just outside the museum and features lettering from the iconic casinos in the area. I wish I could remember all but so far Caesar’s Palace and Binions are the only ones that come to mind. To the right is a sign from the El Cortez, a true survivor in Vegas – the longest continuous running hotel and casino in Las Vegas, since 1941.

So, with all that being said I took a real Tim Holtz grungey look and feel to the page. I made sure to distress the edges of the patterned paper, ink all in my go-to of Vintage Photo. I used the matching mist on the kraft background, as well as stamped with Tim Holtz coffee stain and splatter stamps. I cut the notepaper border, frames, and viewfinders with my Silhouette. I ruffled up the washi tape then stitched it on. I did my journaling on a Teresa Collins 3×4 pocket page card then cut it apart.

Here is the sketch we had for inspiration:

So now it’s your turn! Head on over to the ScrapMuch? blog and see what the rest of the team has created. And then of course I’d love for you to play along and share your creations with us! We had so many amazing pages linked up in January! Make sure you link up and share with us what you create and you could win an awesome ScrapMuch? prize! Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulous February.

PS – It’s Super Bowl weekend! GO PATS!